Move Over Jordan Jumpman 23, Here Comes The Dunkadelic Dunkman

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: July 21, 2005

BALTIMORE, Md. — A sports rivalry is the essence of competition from Army vs. Navy, Ali vs. Frazier, Chamberlain vs. Russell, Bird vs. Magic, Yankees vs. Redsox, Ohio St. vs. Michigan, Hip-Hop MC vs. Hip-Hop MC, and now sports symbol vs. sports symbol.

The Michael Jordan era – as a basketball god is over, but his symbol on basketball sneakers and apparel are as strong as ever. The Jordan Jumpman collection is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and has a strong hold over the Dunkadelic Nation of teenage kids and young adults who purchase athletic apparel and sneakers. Its the Dunkadelic Nation of consumers who have been behind the financial success of the brand.

Dunkadelic Nation is a pop culture term for a group of teenage and young adults who live in the world of basketball and hip-hop.

From the Dunkadelic Nation comes the newjack of the sports apparel industry. Its cool, its stylish, its now, and its coming soon. The Dunkadelic Dunkman symbol.

The Dunkadelic terminology is fast becoming a major force in the basketball and hip-hop culture. The Dunkadelic brand like other sports brand can be identified by a logo or symbol. The Dunkman symbol will be looking to rival the more established Jordan Jumpman.

The two symbols are similar in look, both being 3 point images in the mold of the Mercedes Benz emblem. The Jumpman shows the athletic grace, and artistry of the greatest player ever Michael Jordan. The Dunkadelic Dunkman shows the power, strength, and domination of the basketball and hip-hop culture.

The Jordan Jumpman is the establishment; the Dunkadelic Dunkman is the renegade. The Jumpman is polished and distinguished; the Dunkman is the gritty and the hungry.

The Jumpman is a creation from Nike, and the Dunkman is a creation from the evolution of basketball and music that comes from the urban aesthetic of inner city life.

Watch out Jordan Jumpman, the Dunkadelic Dunkman is coming, now that’s Dunkadelic!

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