It Is Time For Changes In Major League Baseball

By Joe Booker
Updated: July 7, 2005

MLB LogoHOUSTON, TX.—Major League Baseball is among the favorite professional sports among fans. It is time for Major League Baseball to make some changes. I like the new playoff system with the wild-card. I would like to see some changes in the way the All-Star Team is chosen. Other changes should be golden glove winners and padding worn by batters.


I would like to see managers, general managers and the media vote for the All-Star Team. The fans could choose their favorite players by voting for the reserves. I would also like to see the voting delayed until June 1. By waiting until June 1, voters can get a better idea of who the top performers are and who has been on the injured list most of the season. With the internet fans don’t need as much time to vote or pad their votes.

Statistical leaders should receive serious consideration when voting for the team. A player should have a certain number of at-bats and games played. This would eliminate players being chosen who have been on the DL for a long length of time.

I can understand the fans wanting to see their favorite players. There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes more worthy players are left off.

The rule that each team must have a representative should be eliminated. The only exception is the host city should have at least one representative; otherwise the selection should be based on performance.

One reason that voting should be done by another source is that Chicago Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra led all shortstops in voting early in the voting even though he had been on DL and had not played. Garciaparra still drew the third highest votes for a shortstop. Carlos Beltran isn’t hitting .260, but he has been chosen as one of the starters by the fans. Scott Rolen has been hurt most of the season and he led all third basemen in votes and will start.

The American League voters did a better job in their voting. I feel that all the players chosen by the fans in the American League deserve to start.


There has to be a better way to speed up the game. The catcher should not be allowed to go to the mound to talk to the pitcher more than two times a game. Maybe baseball should have time outs like other sports. When a manager goes to the mound he should be charged with a time out. Batters should be charged with a time out when they step out of the box after missing a pitch. No more than 5 timeouts for a team, regardless if it is a player or manager.


There has to be a better way to choose gold glove winners. In most situations the home team official scorer will be partial when scoring and error on the home team players. How often have you seen an official scorer give a player a hit when it was obviously an error? Some players will have their errors changed to a hit? Often the gold glove winner is the guy who hits the best, especially homerun hitters. How about letting the visiting team supply the official scorer or Major League Baseball provide official scorers who don’t have ties with the team?

The way official scorers play favoritism to the home team takes away from the gold glove. The player with the fewest errors always has the highest field percentage.

It doesn’t always mean that player is the best fielder. Some players can get to more balls than others and will have more attempts.


I don’t think that players should be allowed to wear arm pad which allow them to crowd the plate and extend their arm to be intentional hit. It is a worthless award.

What about an award for the players who fall down the most going after a ball?

What about an award for a player that runs into the fence the most when going after a ball?