Conte Set To Plea Out, How Soon Before Bonds Retires From The Game?

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 15, 2005

Victor Conte

Victor Conte

SAN ANTONIO – Well it looks like the ‘House that BALCO’ built is about to be demolished as Victor Conte has opted to plead guilty and serve four months in a federal prison for distributing banned drugs to elite athletes. So if Conte is set to plead out and serve his four months? What about the others that were indicted with him? Could they be right behind Conte and set to turn state’s evidence on those who have denied using any illegal substances? The world in the press is that pretty soon Greg Anderson, the personal trainer for San Francisco’s Barry Bonds, will also plead to avoid a trial. So what’s next? Is Barry contemplating retirement amidst all of this BALCO storyline?

“I don’t know right now when I’m going to come back. And right now, I don’t know if I’m going to be back at all this year,” the San Francisco slugger told on Thursday in a telephone interview.

Okay let’s do a little detective work for a moment. Bonds has been sidelined for all of this season after a series of operations on his right knee. At one point Bonds was almost ready to come back and was seen shagging fly balls or playing catch. Now he doesn’t know if or when he will come back? Some things are just too coincidental to say that they are normal. It seems like Bonds is planning his retirement around the plea bargains of his BALCO cohorts. It seems as if he is trying to orchestrate a public relations move that will quietly let him slip away from the game of baseball and that nobody will notice his departure. There’s only problem with this scenario: Bonds is the pink elephant in the room that everyone is afraid to talk about so if he leaves, everyone will notice.

The house of cards that Conte built a few years ago is quickly falling down. When he decided to accept the plea, he essentially admitted that he had done wrong and he wanted to avoid years in prison. Anderson is going to do the same thing and so will the other two defendants, James Valento and Remi Korchemny. However this case may soon close up and nobody may never know the true extent as to what these four gentlemen did in ruining the career of Kelli White or what damage they may have done in enticing Bonds, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi and others into taking to prolong their athletic careers. If this case ends with those four men involved in BALCO pleading out, the sports world will forever be wondering what was truly going on in what is now considered the world’s biggest sports tragedy.

If Bonds cannot heal by the start of next spring training, don’t expect him to try to break Hank Aaron’s home run record. If he doesn’t come back by opening day of next season, then we can affirmatively say that he has retired. The question baseball fans should ask him is this: when will you come clean like Conte and the others and admit whether you did steroids or not? It would be nice if Conte and the others turned a little state’s evidence on this matter but they won’t do it. In not trying to ruin a player’s career, it would be nice if the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT the truth came out in this whole sordid escapade.

‘PACMAN’ JONES ISN’T READY TO BE A TITAN Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has again tarnished the Tennessee Titans. This past week, Jones was arrested on charges of assault and felony vandalism stemming from a fight at a nightclub. His agent, Michael Huyghue, said in a statement that Jones had been advised not to comment and the cornerback regretted any negative publicity for the Titans.

“Regrettably, there are certain individuals out there who are opportunists, who prey on professional athletes for financial gain, and unfortunately, this is one of those incidents,” Huyghue said.

Okay so Jones is sorry for what he did and his agent is already making excuses for his client’s stupidity. And both are wondering why the Titans’ news release included the wordage of “We remain confident that Pacman Jones will become an important contributor to our team, but in order for that to happen, he is going to have to conduct himself responsibly in all aspects of his life on a consistent basis”. Uh newsflash Pacman, the Titans are subtly telling you that if you don’t get your act together, you may not be the superstar they are looking for you to be. In other words, DROP YOUR DIMWITTED FRIENDS!

I know that the stance of doing right comes across as being harsh to your homies in life but guys like Jones need to realize that your high school, college and lifelong friends may not be the friends you need in life. If these friends are all about smoking dope and vandalizing a nightclub, should you even be hanging around them? Yet Jones doesn’t seem to grasp the picture, even after his April incident in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. That case also was at a nightclub and there were implications that Jones was in the middle of a fight. What’s going to be the trifecta for him: getting arrested on a suspected rape charge with a minor?

It seems that Jones just isn’t mature enough to be a professional athlete. This latest charge is serious enough for jail time. His family needs to get a grip and get a hold of his behind before he just lives up to “being another poor ass black kid from the projects who isn’t going to amount to anything” statistic. He has a chance to become financially secure in his later years, a chance to help put his family into a better financial situation and yet here he is running around with a bunch punks who think it’s cool to smoke dope in a public environment. Jones needs to realize that he can’t do that foolishness anymore; he is a high profile sports figure now and he hasn’t even taken a snap in the league yet. It is time for Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones to grow up and find him some true friends before this group of friends has him either six feet under or locked away like a caged animal. The Titans are going to be baby-sit him and he needs to realize that for what it is; a reality check before it is too late.