Sports and Interracial Dating- One Reporters View

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: June 3, 2005

Rex ChapmanLOS ANGELES, CA.—Lately, I’ve been reading on this website about relationships between the races, whether it be Rex Chapman in Kentucky, Tiger Woods, or the really tired subject of O. J.

As an African American woman, I could go crazy over all these atheltes, especially African American ones dating and eventually marrying someone of another nationality or race.

But life is too short to stress out over something like this, so why bother.

Besides why should I waste my time an energy worrying about what someone else wants to do?

As a freelance sports writer, I can tell you, it’s not the African American baseball and basketball players who flirt with me, it’s the European and Canadian hockey players.

It amazes me that in the “Land of the free and the home of the brave,” we are so behind other countries, especially the European ones when it comes to race.

In London and Paris, that’s all you see.

It’s not important to me that Mrs. Tiger Woods is Swedish or that Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins is married to a white woman, whose brother happens to be a teamate of his, by the way.

What puzzles me though is the looks African American WOMEN get from African American MEN when we date a white athlete.

Okay, yeah it doesn’t happen a lot, but what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, too.

Black folks, it’s not just the “white rednecks” that are getting all hot and bothered with the races getting together off the baseball diamond and the basketball court.

We have “black rednecks” who aren’t too comfortable, either.

Some of them may be in your own family.

Many African American women feel that “brothers” are betraying the race by dating a woman of another race or nationality.

Please, let’s stop the madness and get over it.

Are we really that insecure and hung up on race in this country that the University of Kentucky has to tell one of their star athletes who they can or can’t date, let alone marry?

Why should the FBI be brought in because some racists, who need to blame someone because they have no life, send death threats to black athletes who are married to white women?

Why should anyone but your own family care whom you chose to spend the rest of your life with?

Even during televised sporting events, we never see wives of athletes who happen to be a diffrent color than their husbands.

We see wives of the same race flashing their “bling bling” and acting the fool when their husbands have done something good on the court or ice.

We are never shown interracial couples. Why?

Are the networks afraid that someone from “Down South” or “Up North” will be offended?

Who cares if Mrs. Kobe Bryant is Mexican-American or that Tim Duncan’s wife is white American?

Why should some black athletes have to leave the country because of their relationships off the field?

What happens off the field should be no one else’s business unless that athlete is doing something illegal like stealing, doing drugs or beating up the wife and kids.

The last time I looked, interracial dating wasn’t a real crime in the United States.

Obviously, some people aren’t aware of that fact.