Looking In the Lost & Found

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: June 12, 2005

ECW wrestler New JackNEW JERSEY—I have a little news concerning an old pro(the lost), and some news for all the NWA-TNA fans out there that you might be interested in(the found). After you read those, you be the judge.

First, we start with former ECW wrestler New Jack. His given name is Jerome Young, and at age 41, you would think that he would be retired, as was posted in several places a distant while ago. However, as late as January of this year, New Jack was rumored to be trying out for – and signing with the WWE. Being that 6 months have passed since then, it’s safe to say that such a signing hasn’t taken place.

Actually, the biggest story on New Jack was his arrest late last year for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon – during a wrestling match. Yeah, go figure. His bail was set at $40,000, and who knows where the case is currently at? Do I even need to go into the fact that there are hundreds of White “hardcore” wrestlers who use weapons such as metal objects, chains, ladders, steel chairs, and other props during their matches and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Well, so much for southern hospitality. Maybe it’s just the state of Florida.

As far as New Jack joining the WWE, the naysayers will tell you that his violent style of wrestling doesn’t fit into the mold of the WWE. If you look at the WWE over the last 12 years since the inception of Monday Night Raw, especially where it is today, you certainly can’t discount someone like New Jack. Now, the WWE is putting on an ECW pay-per-view over the weekend in New York City titled “One Night Stand”, marking a cameo appearance from some of the biggest hardcore wrestlers in the history of the game. New Jack will not be there, due to some legal matters in New York, separate from the issues in Florida, but should ECW live on, then there is always a possibility for his return.

What would prevent that from happening? Theoretically, it could be just a matter of not having many too many of us joining the ranks, despite that a few current WWE wrestlers have worse track records than Young. Whether this is the last we hear of the former Gangsta remains to be seen.

As for NWA-TNA, they are celebrating 3 years in business, but on a down note, their impending television deal with superstation WGN to be on the air Monday nights from 8-10 PM has been shelved, most likely permanently. WGN has yet to comment as to why, but I’m sure going head up against Vince McMahon in the 9 o’clock hour might have a little to do with it. Second thoughts? I certainly think so. Now, the question is can TNA continue to grow into a bigger spotlight? We’ll see exactly how much resolve the Jarrett family has in that regard.

That’s it for “In The Black” Catch you on the other side…