George ForemanThinks Mike Tyson Can Win Again

By Ralph Cooper
Updated: June 26, 2005

George Foreman and Mike TysonHOUSTON, TX.—George Foreman, the oldest world heavyweight boxing champion of all-time,believes he has the plan to manage and train the youngest world heavyweight champion of all-time Mike Tyson back to the championship.

Foreman won the heavyweight title the first time in 1973 with a win over Joe Frazier.At the age of 45 in 1994, he upset Michael Moorer to win the title for the second time.

Tyson won the title for the first time in 1986 defeating Trevor Berbick to become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time at 20. At the age of 38, Foreman thinks Tyson has a chance to win the title a third time.

“I think of potential when I see him now,” Foreman told this reporter recently in Houston, Texas. “At 38 or 39 years-old he had a long way to go. He shouldn’t be thinking it is all over for him. He needs people around him telling him it is not over. He can still turn things around.”

Foreman retired for more than ten years before he made a comeback at the age of 39. He compares his fighting at that age with Tyson’s situation currently.

“He is in the prime of his life,” Foreman added seriously.”People forget.He can comeback. People will still be with him.He shouldn’t be thinking it is all over. I started my comeback around the same age.”

Foreman praises the job the late Cus D’Amato and Mike Jacobs did managing and training Tyson to the title in his early days. But Foreman claims Tyson is being mismanaged now.

“I have some questions about how he has been managed,”Foreman ripped. “He is being over matched. They are matching with guys much bigger than he is. It is the worst managing job I’ve seen.”

It was when pressed about how he would manage Tyson that Foreman disclosed his desire to also manage and train the former champion.

“Mike Tyson is a great story,” George. “He has seen it all. He has experienced the good and bad, great and sad. In his early days his people had him constantly fighting. They had him mentally prepared to fight. He was evenly matched physically and mentally.”

Tyson has lost three of his last four fights. He had a title bout with Lennox Lewis. Lewis decked Tyson to keep the title. It is after the Lewis fight where Foreman criticizes the handlers of Tyson.

“Everytime he gets in the ring after Lewis he is fighting as if he is the heavyweight champion,” Foreman says. “He is not a champion now. When he was younger and quicker he was able to deal with bigger guys but he was also fighting once or twice a month and then sometimes every two months. He was fighting more often. He has gotten heavier.”

Foreman says he felt the Tyson pain when Tyson went to the canvas and later quit on the stool against Kevin McBride in Washington, D.C.,recently.

“He was winning and then he let it get away,”George shared.”It looked like he slipped. But it was a slip of millions in dollars in debt. It falls like that sometime on us. His troubles are big. But again he was winning the fight.”

The Foreman Plan calls for Tyson to fight lesser talented opponents,stay off television and pay-per-view for awhile. Then after a few wins explode back on the scene with plently of confidence and his skills toned.

“He has to go back to boxing the right way,” Foreman said. “After six wins that way come back and go out the right way. He needs to fight guys like him for awhile. Guys his size.Guys who have lost some fights recently.He can come back and hit the big fights again and clear up his debt problems and win again. It is all there for him. I know with the right dedication and surroundings he can do it. I did it. I’m speaking from experience. I can share it with him. I can help him. I want to help him.I’m available to help him.He can get his fight game going the right way again and I can help him.”

Foreman also says Tyson will have to take the first step if he would like his help.

“In my time I’ve never seen a business mismanaged like him,” Foreman disclosed. “He has generated billions. The reports are he lost $300 million. Mike Tyson needs a good manager. His personal life is not my business. He can have another chance. He can do it. I will not call him. He can call me if he would like for me to help him. I’m always available at my youth center here in Houston. When I came back I called people. When I wanted to do it the right way I made the calls. Mike has to make the call.I’m available if he calls.”