Basketball And Hip Hop: Now That’s Dunkadelic

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: June 21, 2005


  1. The fusion of sports and music inspired by the cultural aesthetics of urban style, fashion and attitude.
  2. Athletic brand of clothing established in the U.S. in 1997


BALTIMORE — The Dunkadelic terminology is the most versatile adjective in all of sports. It’s the first sports term to combine the culture of sports and music into a fashionable pop culture term.

It was first created in Baltimore, Maryland by Derrick E. Vaughan as a brand name for athetic apparel and basketball sneakers.

The term has since been used by national sports broadcasters, national newspaper journalists, the NBA, major sneaker brand companies, major sport magazines (NBA Inside Stuff Special Collector’s Edition Dunkadelic Issue), fantasy pro teams, describing players by position (Dunkadelic Power Forward, Dunkadelic Swingman, Dunkadelic Pivot Man, Dunkadelic Mega-Star etc…., and it was the name of the shoe that Allen Iverson wore in Michael Jordans’ last game on 4/16/03.

The NBA Finals are taking place and two players Antonio McDyess (Detroit Pistons) and Tony Massenburg (San Antonio Spurs are players that have been associated to the Dunkadelic terminology.

McDyess is the first pro player to be descibed as a Dunkadelic Power Forward and Massenburg is the first pro player to have custom made Dunkadelic apparel.

The Dunkadelic terminology is the first sports term created by an African American to be used to describe our players by the sport and the culture that produces these talented athletes.

Dunkadelic has been on worldwide Internet sites and is the only registered dunk sport term in the United States.

Now that’s Dunkadelic.

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