Between The Lines and Barry Bonds, Too…

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: May 18, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.—Imagine my surprise when I turned on ESPN last Sunday morning and saw Gregory Moore of this very same website on a panel with reporters from the San Francisco newspaper, who really seemed to care about baseball and how not haveing Barry bonds playing in San francisco not only affects baseball in the city by the bay, but also in opposing cities as well.

The other reporter, who was from Baseball, seemed to me like he really wasn’t a baseball fan, but it was something he had to do because he was getting paid for it.

Any talk of baseball always seems lately to involve steroids and Barry Bonds.

Apparently, a reader of this this website also was watching the show, and he/she wasn’t a very happy camper.

The reader basically said Moore should have defended Bonds a little more(pardon the pun.)

I’m not writing to defend Gregory, because he is more than capable of doing that himself.

I also agree with his right to say what he believes in.

On many of his comments, I found myself yelling at the television screen, “HELLO!”

I very much agree with the fact that Bonds brought on some of this nonsense himself.

You don’t have to speak to everybody in the media, but for God’s sakes speak to SOME of us!

The same thing goes for your teamates.

You don’t have to like them, but jeeze louise, don’t be an asshole to them, too.

People ask why there aren’t any African American kids playing baseball?

Barry, while your’re recupperating, how about bonding with some African American kids,hun?

I didn’t agree with all the panelists on the state of baseball.

Most of us real fans could care less about records and wheher they are or aren’t mentioned with an asterisk next to it.

Why it is suddenly wrong for African American sportswriters to criticize black athletes such as Bonds, or A.I?

Please, let’s not lose our ever loving minds here.

If someone like Bonds is wrong, and I’m sorry, he should take responsibilty for being an idiot, not only to the white media, but especially to black media, like

The reaction of the reader and others shows how even though he isn’t playing, and may not be for a long time, Barry Bonds still gets folks all hot and bothered just talking about him.