Battle of the Chicago Border War, Brewster Speaks Out

By Raymond Boyd
Updated: May 26, 2005

CHICAGO, ILL.—-It was billed as the Battle of ChicagoBorder War! The WBO Heavyweight Championship Of The World, featuring Indiana’s Lamon Brewster(31-2, 27 KO’s), and Illinois’ Andrew Golota(38-5-1, 31 KO’s) as the stars of the war. But 53 seconds into the first round, the war was over! “Relentless” Lamon Brewster scored a TKO over crowd favorite Andrew Golota. Chicago’s Polish-heavy fight crowd were very stunned, to say the least. They were not expecting the results of this fight. And being that this was the first heavyweight title fight in Chicago in 24 years, I’m sure people were expecting the unexpected, but not in just 53 seconds into the first round. Don’t blink!

(Lamon Brewster’s victory speech after the fight)

I’m very happy to get this victory! I’m also very happy that through it all Andrew Golota and I, both were able to walk out of that ring. You never want to see anybody get taken to the hospital. But I’m happy for the victory. I’m very happy I got to fight in the city of Chicago. Everybody came out to support me throughout the Midwest, especially from my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana(applause). I hope that in the future I will be able to come back to the Midwest and put on a fight. Whether it’s Chicago or Indiana, you name it! I’m a Midwest guy, and I think this fight just illustrated the true support that we have in the Midwest besides Las Vegas and New York. So I thank you guys for coming out and supporting me(applause).

I definitely want to thank the Wirtz Family. They own this place(the United Center). They have been so good to me from the time I came here last month to do my press conference. So I just want to say thank you to those guys. I want to thank my mother Pamala Blakey. She’s the fighter in the house, believe that! My wife Juana, my step-father Melvin Blakey and my father Darryl Brewster! I just really want to thank everybody who just believed in me and supported me. I told everybody when I fought Wladimir Klitschko, that was the style that I had to pick to win the fight. It didn’t look good, but that’s what I had to do to win. My trainer Bill Slayton had just died. His body was still fresh in the ground, and here I am fighting for the biggest fight in my life. So God was with me again(applause). So when I turned around and fought Kali Meehan, I gave it my best. But I learned that I do have a weakness…like Superman and kryptonite, you know! My weakness is that I can’t fight a friend. And I won’t fight a friend. They can take my belt before I fight a friend, you know? Other than that, I plan on knocking everybody else out(applause).

I have to give one of the biggest acknowledgements as well to my manager Sam Simon. You all don’t know what I’ve been through in my life. I’ve been out there, a young man…… He has been a mentor. He’s definitely family to me, so that’s why when I come to Indiana, a lot times you’ll see him too, eating cornbread. Because he’s family. I mean, for life. You know, he’s been good. He’s made it so that I can go and train. And my wife and my kids can have a roof over their heads when I couldn’t afford it, you know? So I love my manager! It’s more than just management to me. And Jesse Reid, the big dog. I tell you, I have to be honest, I didn’t think nobody could throw that many punches in life. I threw more punches in this camp in getting ready for this fight than I probably did in all my professional fights put together. I went wild! I would wake up, and be dreaming I’m punching and stuff. So Jesse, I can’t thank you enough. I want to thank “Team Brewster”, man. Two of my men BeBe Hudson and Darryl Hudson. They made it possible for me to get in the ring tonight and do what I did. I mean, the days when I would tell BeBe I didn’t want to do anymore, he was like, that means we have twenty more to do, you know? So they never let me quit. And Darryl is like a walking Bible. He knows every scripture, so you’re always gonna hear about the Lord. And I’m always calling to the Lord. I know that God is probably gonna have a good conversation about me bugging him so much. But thank you Lord for this victory!(applause)

And you know, Don King. He is the greatest promoter of all time, in anything! I think if there was air to be promoted, he would promote that. But really, when I came to Don, that was because other promoters let me go. They gave up on me. Don believed in me, and he gave me a chance. And I stand before you today as the world champion because of Don King. He was with me(applause). There’s one last acknowledgement. I told my uncle I was gonna win this fight for him. I looked him in his face on his death bed. Big Derek, I love you man, and I know you’re here with me. Thank you!