A Yankee Fan in New York Mets Country

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: May 17, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.—While visiting my family this past weekend in Queens, New York, I went where no Yankee fan dares to show their faces-Shea Stadium, home of the cross town rival New York Mets.

Forget the fact that I love Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams, and Tino Martinez, I was actually screaming and yelling for Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran, and Cliff Floyd!

Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals were in town to play the Mets.

Forget about all those “experts” in and out of the media who say that African Americans aren’t really baseball fans and don’t go to games.

I don’t know what cities they’re conducting surveys in, maybe Miami and Phoenix, but in New York City, on the trains, and even while I was waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles, black folks were talking about baseball whether it be Pedro Martinez’ start or what’s wrong/right with the Yankees.

Even though I was sitting in Shea Stadium, I felt “at home” for sitting in the Met’s dugout was Willie Randolph, the Mets manager.

Willie will always be a Yankee to me, and I’m happy to see him doing what he should be doing after leaving baseball-managing.

But why did it have to be with the Mets?

In the stands, there was no talk about steroids or other problems in baseball.

There was only baseball talk like, “why didn’t Randolph put Piazza in to pinch hit in the ninth?”

New York baseball fans boo opposing players and sometimes their own players.

It’s not LA where fans come in late and leave early.

You don’t see any fancy slogans like “Think Blue” and you don’t need an organ to get Met fans jumping to their feet.

Most Met fans break into the now familiar chant of LETS GO METS without any prompting.

Met fans seem to stay loyal forever.

They aren’t like a lot of Yankee fans, many of whom jumped on the pinstripe bandwagon when the team got one Derek Jeter.

Would I bring myself to step foot in Shea Stadium again?

Yes, I would.

I’ll go to any stadium to root for the home team, I like baseball that much.

Unless it’s the Atlanta Braves- I have to draw the line somewhere.