Steroids Continue To Make News And We Should Heed Warnings

By Gregory Moore
Updated: April 1, 2005

The ‘fuel’ for cheaters in sports�anabolic steroids.

SAN ANTONIO � If you are tired of hearing about Congress investigating steroid use, I suggest you find out what hole you can crawl into and just separate yourself from the world. Not only will the Congressional committee that just had hearings on steroids use in baseball now talk with the NFL Commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, but also they want to talk with everyone at every level. That means that commissioners from the NBA and NHL will be in Washington, D.C. soon as well as officials from Major League Soccer, the NCAA and the U.S. Olympics divisions. In other words this has now become a full fledge fact-finding mission by this committee and it�s not going to end any time soon.

There have been many sports commentators, talking heads and just plain fans believe that Congress has really overstepped their bounds on this but maybe no one truly understands what this committee is. This is the Government Reform Committee and if they want hearings on why the lady bug has black spots on a red body, guess what? There will be hearings on why this insect has black spots on a red body. If this committee wants to know why steroids are so prevalent in sports, there will be hearings on it. This committee can investigate anything they want and it is �our� watchdog on a lot of different areas of our society as we see it. Now maybe committee seems to be overzealous at times but every now and then they do actually get something accomplished.

So what reason should this Congressional committee is looking into the steroid issue at the start of the baseball season? Why aren�t these members busy trying to make sure that every American understands the necessity for a �living will� in lieu of the Terry Schivo debacle that pitted America against each other? Is the use of steroids by professional athletes really that important right now? Unfortunately I am saying yes this topic is very important. The study of why athletes are willing to abuse their bodies in such fashion is a grave concern for anyone who loves sports. It should be a concern for any parent who has a child who is on the cusp of becoming a member of an elite fraternity. It should be a concern for everyone in this country because if you are for what�s fair and just, then you cannot turn your head and say, �Oh that�s a pro athlete�s right to abuse their body.� Steroid use in sports has been going on for years and it should be a fight that we all should be willing to make. In my view of this matter, anyone who uses steroids to get an advantage is a drug addict and I despise drug addicts. I despise them because they have the conscious fact knowing that taking drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, �uppers�, �downers�, and other substances are illegal and punishable under the laws of this country. So when an athlete takes a steroid, in my eyes he�s a drug addict and he is no better than the heroin addict or the crack head. So when someone asks me if Congress needs to be meddling in steroids and sports, I say yes because of those above reasons.

Now maybe as a sports fan you don�t think it�s a big deal for professional athletes to take this stuff and you are entitled to your opinion. As grown men and women they can do whatever they want. However I have never understood why a society is so quick to look the other way when the issue of steroids pops up in sports but get almost barbaric when the other �drugs� are a part of the same genre in our society. It constantly amazes me that I can have a beer with a perfectly sane homo sapien who tells me �I don�t care if they take steroids and hit a bazillion homeruns� but yet let me say that their favorite ball player has been convicted of drugs again and that person will say, �They need to fry the bum; he�s bad for the game�. What is the freaking difference? Drugs are drugs people whether you are a steroid user or a heroin user.

And maybe that is why Congress is all revved up to investigate steroid use in sports. Maybe they too have talked with the same person who looks the other way on something that is very similar in nature. Maybe we, as a country, truly don�t know right from wrong and the Reform committee is our �conscious�. God help us all if this is the case but for right now I don�t have a problem with them investigating steroids use. I�d just wish they investigated a few more important things as well such as high gas prices, social security, and high interest rates. These are just as important but then again I�m just an American citizen�what voice do I have in what Congress does these days.