My Picks: Mosley-Estrada and Cintron-Maragarito

By Tom Donelson
Updated: April 21, 2005

NEW YORK, NY — Saturday night’s ESPN fight night features two intriguing fight. The David Estrada-Shane Mosley on the surface looks like a mismatch. Mosley is the more experienced fighter and one of the boxing elites, even at this stage of his career. Estrada is an up and coming welterweight but there is a feeling that he is overmatched in this fight.

Mosley is returning to the welterweight division and this fight is a crucial one for him. Win and he puts himself in position to challenge for a championship. He has lost four of his last six fights, and the one win was a close controversial victory over De La Hoya.

Throw in one no-contest and you apparently have a fighter on the wane. Despite those losses, Mosley is still a dangerous fighter and he only hit the canvas once in this streak. As Welterweight, he should have the power advantage.

Estrada has fought three undefeated fighters in his last four fights and he won two of them. Estrada’s game is to overwhelm his opponents with output and his goal is to out hustle his opponent.

I will admit that I am one of those who believe that Mosley will overpower the youngster but Angelo Dundee, who as the old cliche goes, has forgotten more about boxing than most of us will ever learn, trains the kid.

Estrada’s objective is to throw punches in bunches as Mosley has reduced his own output as he moved up in weight. If Estrada can take Mosley power, then maybe Estrada might be able to upset Mosley and you can kiss Mosley career goodbye. Mosley should win in easy fashion but Estrada will be competitive.

Kermit Cintron and Antonio Margarito is on paper an even fight. Cintron is the bigger and stronger fighter but Margarito is the more experienced. In his last fight, Margarito averaged 115 punches per round while separating his opponent ear from the rest of his head.

In one of the more bloody fights seen in a long time, Argentina fighter Lujan literally had to hold on to his ear just to keep it from falling to the ground. In addition, Cintron’s hand has been operated twice since his last fight. So the first question is how much will Cintron hand affect the fight? Can Cintron go the entire fight without re- injuring his hand?

Cintron needs to impose his will early in the fight against the normally slow starting Margarito or he could face trouble down the stretch. Margarito will only get stronger down the stretch. Cintron’s knock out power gives him the advantage but Margarito experience and endurance will prove the difference in this nail biter.


For the most part, I have avoided this series for one simple reason; I hate reality shows. When a friend asked me what I thought of this show, she was surprise that I haven’t seen it.

My daughter loves it and she wants to be a fighter, she exclaimed. Then when the brother of the late Middleweight champion Billy Soose gave the show his thumbs up, I had to watch it.

I enjoy the boxing scenes. The slow motion and dramatic music produces the feeling that you are watching a Hollywood movie-only it is for real. The one positive aspect of the show is that you are watching real life professional fighters.

These are not amateurs and that adds to the fight scenes. The producers milk every bit of drama out of the fight scenes as if they are producing a Hollywood movie. Reality and Hollywood melts together seamlessly. I would be happy if they just show the fights and forget all the outside aspect of the show.

One more thing, I like former Heavyweight fighter Jeremy Williams corner work. The guy has a real future as a trainer. He doesn’t coddle his fighters and gives good advice. At least in the two shows that I saw.