KT’s Previews WrestleMania 21

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: April 3, 2005

NEW JERSEY,—WrestleMania XXI took center stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Pro wrestling history registered another chapter. Of course, the NCAA Women’s Tournament will give some competition, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s time to go over every match in detail, and make sure we get a winner. After all, if there are to be true winners in wrestling, WrestleMania is the place.

I’ll start with Raw, and the 6-man Money In the Bank Ladder Match, where the winner gets a world title match for as late as a year away. Your 6 contestants are Kane, Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, and Chris Benoit. They all have their strong points, but I’m going to go with the unknown here, and that’s Kane. Edge and Christian are kind of the obvious choices, based on their experience in ladder matches. As for Jericho and Benoit, they are two great wrestlers, but not destined for the main event this time around, Shelton Benjamin is the darkhorse, but he will have the IC belt to fall back on. Therefore, even though I don’t see Kane winning a world championship anytime soon, I could see him winning this match.

Trish Stratus will defend her WWE Women’s Championship against Raw Diva Search winner Christy Hemme(with Lita in her corner). Normally, I wouldn’t give this match a lot of credence, but at least Lita give this a little juice. Kristy Hemme does not belong in a wrestling ring. Then again, neither did Trish a few years back. I won’t be rooting for Trish, but this one can’t end any other way. Kristy being Women’s champion cannot be what’s best for the WWE, plain and simple.

As for the big Raw match, it’s for the WWE Championship. Legend in the making and current champion Triple H will defend against Evolution defector Batista. Is it the “match of the year”? So far, yes. Triple H has faced more imposing opponents in the past, such as Kane, Undertaker, etc. This is a hard one to call. Batista can certainly be the flagship of Raw. However, this is Triple H we are talking about. In the end, “The Game” will walk away with title belt in hand, but not after an entertaining match, which doesn’t happen a lot anymore.

In the two cross-promotion matches, you have some interesting developments. Match #1 is Randy Orton against The Undertaker. Well, Randy Orton is tabbed “The Legend Killer”, but there will be no killing of any legends here. Even with any help from his father, undeserving Hall of Fame inductee Cowboy Bob Orton, Undertaker will remain undefeated at WresleMania, and it shouldn’t take a very long time for that to happen.

In what should be the better of these two matches, Shawn Michaels will meet Kurt Angle in what should be a heck of a match, considering there’s really nothing on the line. Angle is a true wrestler, and HBK Shawn Michaels is a true performer. Only one will leave with their legacy standing. This could very well turn out to be a WrestleMania classic. Winners’ rights should go to Angle.

Now, the Smackdown matches. Sumo grand champion Akebono will meet the Big Show in a sumo match. It does tell a story that the WWE had to go the Far East to find a suitable opponent for Show. Of course, this is not Japan. This is the WWE, and for that reason, the creative team will find a way for Big Show to beat a grand champion at his own game.

This next one you can call La Familia, as Rey Mysterio, Jr. meets Eddie Guerrero in an unprecedented tag team champion vs. tag team champion match. I have to go with Guerrero’s experience and in-ring wizardry, among everything else. I can’t think that Mysterio gets over here. This is WrestleMania, though.

In Smackdown’s main event, John Cena will challenge John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Championship. I just can’t picture Cena winning the title after everything that JBL has been through in the past months. Cena is the popular choice, and I did picture him for success – although not this way, but I just don’t see him getting past that last hurdle, and becoming WWE Champion.

As for the Piper’s Pit with Rowdy Piper and his guest, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the only prediction to make there is that something wild will happen. Should be an interesting piece, for sure.

That’s the scoop for WrestleMania 21. Thanks for reading, and I’ll check you out on the other side. Peace…