Knicks Nicked By Low Flying Hawks

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: April 21, 2005

NEW YORK, NY – The New York Knicks are an incredible team. No, I’m sorry; maybe I should say that they are an incredulous team? How else can you explain the Knicks giving up, 139 points (including 21 in a 5 minute overtime session) while scoring 135 points to a team whose winning record would have made only an NFL team proud?

The Atlanta Hawks coming into the Knicks game had a 12-67 record. With that number of wins this late into the season only an NFL team would be eligible for making the playoffs. The Hawks just like the Knicks are heading straight for Lottery-ville.

Wait! What’s that humming sound I’m hearing? Oh, I know what that is, it’s the Fat Lady warming up in her key at the microphone. She’s wondering if A-natural is good. Naw, using an “A” at anytime with the Knicks would be robbery to the natural grading system. What about B-flat? Yes, using the “flat” word while describing the Knicks seems appropriate. What about the key of, F-sharp? Yes, let’s get her to use the “F” in labeling the Knicks season so full of hopes and dreams for the highest paid salaried team in the entire NBA.

The Knicks with two more games left in the regular season (at press time) have a chance to actually lose, 50 games. That’s pretty hard to do. But, with the Knicks nothing’s too hard, except making clutch plays and or playing hard and intelligent basketball.

The franchise in itself seems to be almost in a crises situation. They have a multitude of number one draft picks. But, what does that mean in the grand scheme of things? It’s not as if they’re looking to draft a Yao Ming or a LeBron James. It means that the team will be looking to do another flush and move over job.

After the season is mercifully over, Knicks president and GM will have some “splainin’ to do” as well as some deep soul searching as far as what direction the team is going in, again.

First the Knicks need to find a coach. Or at the very very least, take off the interim label and sign Herb Williams to a multi-year deal for low dollars if need be. Second, they need to find a competent big man to man and or dominate the paint. The domination can be either defensively or offensively. The diehard Knicks fans won’t discriminate; they will take either at this point.

And lastly, Isiah Thomas needs to figure out a game plan and stick to it before the Garden faithful start to become restless and the words; “fiyah Thomas!” becomes common place.