Black Professional Coaches Alliance To Present 1st Annual BPCA Conference

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: April 29, 2005

ATLANTA — The Black Professional Coaches Alliance (BPCA) will hold its first annual conference on Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 11:30 am – 6:00 pm, and on Thursday, June 9th from 9am – 11am at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Co-sponsored by FraserNet, Inc., this conference is BPCAs first opportunity to bring Black professional coaches together in a national forum to interact, exchange business ideas and discuss the benefits of business, executive and success coaching.

Workshops and breakout sessions on networking and skills development will be available to Black coaches from across the country. BPCA members and non-members can register for the conference.

“Coaches are making a remarkable impact in the business community thorough building high performance teams and helping individuals balance work-life issues,” says Veronica Conway, BPCA president.

“BPCA is dedicated to empowering the lives of Black individuals, partners and teams through the benefits of personal coaching which is a series of inquiries, challenges and accountability goals that produce dramatically enhanced levels of performance in any area of ones life.”

At the end of the BPCA Conference, certified coaches will have the opportunity to offer their services to approximately 4,000 African-American businessmen and women attending a concurrent conference, PowerNetworking 2005: Get Motivated. Get Busy. Get Connected.

Sponsored by Ford Motor Company and FraserNet, Inc., PowerNetworking 2005 is the fourth annual professional growth & development conference and will be held June 8-12, 2005 at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. George C. Fraser, Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc. noted author and networking guru is the host of PowerNetworking 2005.

“Many Fortune 500 CEOs have benefited from a relationship with a professional business coach, notes George Fraser, I am delighted to provide a forum to formally highlight the principles of coaching to the African-American community at PowerNetworking 2005.”

NOTE: For more information about the Black Professional Coaches Alliance, membership or conference details, visit or call 888-690-3456.