Atlanta’s 2 Live Stews Win 2004 Sports Radio Conference Air Talent Of The Year Award

Updated: April 12, 2005

Doc Rivers
2 Live Stews

ATLANTA, Ga. — The special brand of sports talk radio that brothers Ryan and Doug Stewart have pioneered on Atlanta’s airwaves for little more than 3 years has been honored and validated by the sports radio industry.

Six weeks after ballots went out to program directors, producers and air talent nationwide, the winners of the 2004 Sports Radio Conference were announced; garnering top honors as Air Talent of the Year was 790 The Zone’s 2 Live Stews.

The 2 Live Stews have been shattering ratings records at Atlanta’s sports talk giant 790 The Zone since they injected the 1pm to 4pm shift with their SportsRap.

The Stews scored a major publicity coup November of last year with a 6-page profile in the most coveted piece of publishing real estate in the sports world. The Sports Illustrated feature not only circulated widely to great excitement in the Atlanta area, but as one of SI’s best selling issues ever, thanks to the World Series winning Boston Red Sox on the cover, more people than ever were introduced to radio’s formerly best kept secret.

The buzz created by the article increased the attention the show received in the industry, and the award confirmed that they loved what they heard.

Matt Edgar, the program director for 790, made the announcement on the Stews show and soon the phone lines were lighting up with callers waiting to congratulate the two brothers from Monck’s Corner, South Carolina.

Ryan affirmed, “The entire studio was electric which is not unusual in the doghouse at all, but this day was special. As an interactive show, it was natural for the hosts to share this moment with their audience.”

“We were completely surprised and couldnt believe that this honor came from our peers so early in the history of our show,” stated Ryan. “I think were still peaking, I’m still perfecting my craft and just want to use this award to motivate me.”

Success in the form of ratings and increased listenership has translated directly into growing profits making the show a winning commodity for the station. The impact the 2 Live Stews have made on the station and sports talk overall can’t be understated and this award serves as an important acknowledgment of what this urban-leaning, high-energy sports talk outfit has done.

Doug has always understood why the show was important, but added “its nice to have everybody else recognize you and appreciate what you’ve done.”

As 2004 Air Talent of the Year, the spotlight is on the new sports media darlings and they couldn’t be happier. “This is like winning a Grammy for us and the increased exposure is welcome, we’ve always said we want everyone in the world to be a part of this interactive media experience,” concluded Ryan.