African American Players Association- A Nice Idea but-

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: April 23, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.—I agree with some of the things Carl Everett had to say with regards to African Americans in baseball.

As a baseball fan who is an African American female, I think it should be taken a few steps further.

It’s nice to have all the associations in the world and talk about them until you’re blue in the face, but talk is very cheap.

Actions speak much louder than mere words.

Don’t talk about all those baseball scouts who do or in most cases, don’t come into inner city neighborhoods to see African American kids play.

Why would they come to see one or two really good African American kids play in Miami when the can go down to Venezuela and Dominican Republic and find the whole Florida Marlins squad?

Who really needs scouts anyway?

Look at the Latin players down through the years.

You want to tell me scouts found Felipe Alou, and his brothers, Matty, and Jesus, not to mention his son, Moises?

Or that here in the O.C., (that’s Orange County, California, folks.) we have the Molina brothers, Benji and Jose catching for the Angels, while over in St. Louis, younger brother, Yadier, is also catching?

How about the Alomars, like the Molinas, also from Puerto Rico, father Sandy, and sons, Roberto and Sandy Jr.

Do you think scouts found them?

What’s my point, you ask?

My point is this.

It’s not what you know, but who you know.

If Everett and others really care about seeing African American kids and fans in the stands, don’t “front”.

Be real about it.

Instead of using your money to buy more “bling-bling”, use it to fix up some parks in the inner city where kids can play.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for major League baseball to fix the problem.

After all, everybody is more concerned about who or who isn’t putting what stuff into their bodies.

African American players should make themselves more visible to African American kids in their neighborhoods.

Sadly, a lot of the players doing all the talking don’t even live in areas with a big African American population.

You can have all the associations you want but if players like Everett and his teamate, Frank”Big Hurt” Thomas, who had plenty to say when it comes to steroids in baseball, but jack squat on this issue, don’t get out there and make themselves available to young African American kids, an association won’t mean crap.