From The Barber’s Chair

By A. P. Ri'Chard
Updated: March 3, 2005

Robinson NEW JERSEY—With the passing of the trade deadline, and twenty-five games remaining—trailing the Boston Celtics by four for the top spot in the Atlantic, the New Jersey Nets now have to worry about Philadelphia too The acquisition of Chris Webber is just what AI (Allen Iverson) needed. Webber is more then capable of helping Iverson and the Sixers overtake the weak Atlantic division.

With this said, after all the trades and positioning that has taken place over the last few weeks, this edition of The Barber’s Chair will give you the FAN’S POWERHOUSE TOP TEN (Top Five Eastern, and Top Five Western).

Next week, I will give my own POWERHOUSE TOP TEN.

1. DETROIT PISTONS (36-19) – Riding an eight game winning streak, the Pistons got the top spot amongst fans. “The way in which they’re playing is good to see. Those guys really have it going. Everyone of their starters seemed to be scoring in double figures over their eight game win streak—that team has been sharing the ball and playing good team defense. They’ve already won three of the six games that they’re scheduled to play on their current trip out west. If they take out Phoenix, Seattle and Sacramento, I think I’ll jump on their bandwagon,” Cliff Anderson wrote in his email to the Barber’s Chair.

2. SAN ANTONIO SPURS (43-14) – Sporting the leagues best overall record, Tim Duncan and the Spurs 86.3 points allowed is also the best in the Association. “The Big Fundamental is the catalyst of a team that I believe will reach the NBA Finals. I also think every team in the league has a problem guarding Tony Parker, which will be key down the stretch. And, the Spurs bench is stronger then any team in the league. I just don’t think they are playing as well as the Pistons are right now,” Archie Floyd, Lansing Michigan.

3. MIAMI HEAT (42-16) – Let’s face it; any team with Shaq has to be considered as a title contender. “With, Shaq, Dwayne Wade and Zo (Alonzo Morning) this team has the ingredients necessary to make lots of noise. I just don’t think that they have enough experience playing together to win the title this year,” Kenny Brooks Franklin Park, New Jersey

4. PHOENIX SUNS (43-14) – While they may be fun to watch, they have a tendency of watching on defense, 103 points allowed per game. “This team can’t make stops—they run and gun, they can finish; they just can’t stop anyone else from finishing. Steve Nash is a man on a mission; he’s having an MVP type season, but the Suns are simply not built for a seven game series against the elite,” Derwin Washington, Atlanta, Ga.

5. SEATTLE SUPERSONICS (39-16) – Ray Allen is deadly from outside—and Rashard Lewis is scoring 20 points a game, but, just like Phoenix; is this team setup for a playoff run? “Live by the three, die by the three is all I’ve got to say,” Richard of Washington D.C.

6. HOUSTON ROCKETS (33-24) – “Bobby Sura was the key, when he was hurt things looked bleak as far as going deep into the playoffs; but, the acquisition of Mike James gives them hope of at least getting out of the first round, as long as the stay away from that eighth seed.” Pam of Rockford, IL commented.

7. DALLAS MAVERICKS (38-17) – “Even with Eric Dampier clogging up the middle, the Mavericks still don’t have enough defense for a long playoff run,” Donald Harrington replied.

8. WASHINGTON WIZARDS (31-24) – “When all the pieces are in place this team will be dangerous for anyone in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs,” Wanda, representing Maryland, echoed.

9. INDIANA PACERS (28-28) – “I know that this might be a wild pick to some, but I think with the addition of Dale Davis the Pacers will definitely be a factor in the playoffs,” Dave on New Jersey assured.

10. PHILADELHIA 76er’s (27-29) – “Webber and AI will bring the 76er’s back into the playoff picture before seasons end,” Allan replied.

If you don’t think this list represents your opinions; I’ll be more then happy to try and post yours.