Congress, Baseball and Steroids- Are Hearings Really Necessary?

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: March 15, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.Before you jump all over me for being a very opinionated crazy black woman, let me say this- I have used steroids under a doctor’s care.

I know what happens when you take steroids with or without a doctors orders.

Having said that, in no way am I going to say if these players want to ruin their bodies and kill themselves by taking sterioids, it’s their business.

But I’ve got to agree with Curt Schilling of the Boston Red Sox.

Not only are the congressional hearings a witch hunt, playing to some members of the populace, but it’s also a wate of my hard earned tax playing dollars.

Baseball fans know about steroids in baseball, we don’t need people who don’t know balls from strikes telling us what’s wrong with the sport.

Steroids in baseball happened way before Jose Canseco got on his high horse and started his book tour.

In this age of “tell all”, baseball fans and non baseball fans just know a little bit more than they want to.

I am saddened by all these high school athletes taking steriods because they think it’s going to give them some kind of “competitive edge”.

It’s not.

But why should pro athletes be blamed because your son sticking that needle up his arm or taking pills?

No one put a gun to their heads, take some responsibilty for your actions.

Contrary to popular believe, athletes AREN’T role models. Your parents should be.

Baseball should be addressing this problem, not the congress of the United States.

Congresspeople and Senators should be worrying about more important things, not wasting our time holding hearings about steroids in baseball.

I’d rather hear my senator or congressperson talking about things that matter most to Americans-bringing our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, social security, and new research of curing aids and something that hits close to home for me, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The majority of us could care less about baseball’s dirty little secret.

I have been a baseball fan since 1963 when my late aunt took me to my first New York Yankees game.

I have been a die hard Yankees fan ever since then.

I don’t need to tell you how unhappy I am that at his press conference, Jason Giambi basically said jack crap about his use.

Tell us, Jason, did you or did you not take steriods and just what on earth are you sorry for?

That you took them or your sorry ass got caught taking them.

Admit you took them and let’s move on.

Some of us could care less about who took what and how they took it.

We just want to know whether Randy Johnson is gonna suck big time as the Yankees newest pitcher and is Alex Rodriguez worth the money?

Oh, yeah, we also would like to see the World Series Trophy come back home to the Bronx, where it belongs.