Barry, I Apologize For ‘Doing My Job’…NOT!

By Gregory Moore
Updated: March 24, 2005

Barry Bonds says he despises the media but as this photo shows, he knows how to use the press to his advantage as he walks with his 15-year-old son.

SAN ANTONIO — “I’m tired of my kids crying. You wanted me to jump off a bridge, I finally did,” Bonds told reporters Tuesday, shortly after returning to training camp. “You finally brought me and my family down. … So now go pick a different person.” So Barry Bonds believes he’s being picked on by the media and that all of ‘us’ have been in cahoots to try and ruin him. He is blaming the media for all of his problems with the IRS, a federal investigation that may implicate him down the road of at least obstructing justice, his affair with a woman who is now testifying in that very grand jury investigation and his slow rehabilitation of his surgically repaired right knee.

Well maybe I should be magnanimous enough and apologize on behalf of my media brethren. So here it is: “Barry I apologize for my media cohorts who have done their jobs in investigating whether you were a part of Victor Conte’s consortium of illegal activity. Barry I apologize for my professional friends and acquaintances that tried to interview you over the years and were shunned or talked down by you. Barry I apologize for my friends who have made your life a living hell. But most of all Barry, I apologize for them for not doing their jobs good enough.” I think it is so ironic that Bonds will blame everyone for his problems but he doesn’t want to take responsibility for himself. Nobody in the media forced him to hook up with Kimberly Bell, the 35-year-old former girlfriend who is now trying to make a name for herself and her book on being Bonds’ mistress. Nobody from the San Francisco Chronicle, KNBR, ESPN or Fox Sports twisted Barry’s arm into accidentally taking something that Conte’s BALCO facility had conjured up. Nobody in the media told Barry to lie to the IRS on income or past child support payments. As a matter of fact I don’t believe anybody in the press did anything to Barry but what he has allowed in his career.

So why is Bonds trying to play the ‘victim’ role now? Because the heat is on. The federal investigation is heating up. His current wife has just found out that she has an unfaithful husband and that could mean more money taken out of his bank account. On top of that what little reputation he has had left has now been put in the same category as Mark McGwire’s and it worries him. Well maybe it should bother him. Maybe the fact that the baseball world is now looking at him in a different light needs to happen. Barry sees his world crumbling before him when in actuality it is just now conforming to the reality of the situation at hand.

Nobody in the media should apologize for anything that they have done while covering this story. Despite what Bonds may believe, the media has been pretty accommodating for him whether it is in good times or in times like this. Bonds knows that if he doesn’t have the media to trade barbs with or have these small scrimmages every now and then, people will forget about who he is and what he has done in the past, present and possibly the future.

If you want to feel bad for Barry Bonds and his umpteen millions in the bank, go right ahead. If you think the media is maligning him and his family that is your right. But before you get ready to join his pity party, make sure that you bring some wading boots to wade through all the crap that he is throwing out. The only person who really should apologize in this scenario is Barry Bonds himself. Everything he has done to the media over the years has now come full circle and he just can’t accept that realization.

THIS YEAR’S ‘GEORGIA TECH’ IS… I’d be remiss if I didn’t make mention of how well the Washington Huskies have played in this year’s men’s basketball tournament. Lorenzo Romar has the Huskies in the Sweet 16 and in my bracket I actually have them going all the way to the Final Four. Unlike last year’s Cinderella darling, Georgia Tech, the Huskies still aren’t getting the recognition of being a top program in the country. The PAC-10 may be week but they have Arizona and the Huskies in the Sweet 16 this year. The Huskies have come on late and have handled all challengers to date. Are they the media darlings of the tournament? They could be but if anything they are showing that notoriety isn’t necessary for a program to succeed. Tech didn’t get a lot of press last year and Washington is constantly getting ink but it’s the type of ink that becomes bulletin board material.

So if you are looking for a team that could possibly make you a happy camper, the Huskies could be the team that is in Cindy’s spot this year. Coach Romar is doing a great job and this team could only get better down the road.