Super Bowl Afterthoughts

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: February 8, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.—The New England patriots did it again, made some other football team look stupid.

But let’s not get all crazy and call them a dynasty just yet.

Three Superbowl wins in four years does not a dynasty make.

If it sounds like I’m a bitter Eagles fan, wrong, I was down with the “Brady Bunch.”

It’s too bad Donavan Mcnabb had to have a bad game in the Superbowl.

But he’s not the main reason the Eagles lost, in spite of what the “football experts” and “football expert wannabees” tell you.

I thought the New York jets suffered from the bad clock management disease, but the Eagles seemed to have caught that disease, too.

There was a lot of blame yo go around on the Eagles, who didn’t soar on Super Bowl Sunday, they were more like clay pigeons at a county fair.

How ’bout one Freddie Mitchell, who said earlier in the week, he didn’t know anything about the Patriots and wondered who they were and how they got to the Super Bowl?

Next time Freddie, shut your trap and get informed on your opponent, okay?

I’m sure you know now who the ‘Pats are now and how they got into the Super Bowl, doncha?

I say big props to one Terrell Owens.

Sorry, he wasn’t selfish coming back to play, he was doing what the Eagles paid him half the city of Philadelphia to do-just play football, baby.

Imagine if he had been healthy, the outcome would have been different.

Speaking of different, what a difference a change of scenery makes.

Last year, Cory Dillion was in Cincinnatti, desparately seeking a new team, one that was committed to winning, unlike the Bengals.

Now, he’s got a ring and no one is callling him a malecontent.

Maybe they’re calling him other things in Cincinnatti, but who cares, it’s the Bengals.

McNabb may not have had a good game, but one Deion branch, who is a player African American kids can look up to, had a good enough game to be named the MVP.

New England won the super bowl again, but no, they aren’t a dynasty yet.