Mortgaging My Future Ain’t Happening And Other Stuff!!

By Gregory Moore
Updated: February 2, 2005

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are mortgaging their homes. Rudy Tomjanovich has been ran out of Los Angeles proper as Lakers head coach. Pop singer Sally Anthony tried to fire her head coach during a game. What in the world is going on in the sports realm this week?

SAN ANTONIO,TX– Somebody from Philadelphia please tell me this isn’t happening. I have heard reports that there are homeowners using home equity loans to get tickets to see the Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville this Sunday. Folks we are talking about Americans like you and me mortgaging the one thing they have a good financial stake in for a game that will last about three and a half hours. There are events that you can get into to if you have the money and that’s key these days for average sports fans. But to refinance your house is just plain ludicrous. No let me rephrase that, it’s just plain stupid and foolish. This game isn’t that darn serious to jeopardize your future or your family’s future with these foolish loans.

These games are big deals and I for one know that from a first hand basis. If you get the chance to even go to the Super Bowl, you will be in for a treat. But you also have to realize sometimes it is just not ‘in the cards’ for many fans to attend this event when their team is in it. Now I’ve been fortunate to have witnessed a total of five Super Bowls on a first hand basis. I’ve also witnessed three NBA Finals, four NBA All Star games and a handful of hockey and baseball playoff games. However at no time did I think I needed to mortgage anything to get me there. When it came to the All Star games, I simply saved up money and/or used tax refunds when I had them. I didn’t max out credit cards to do these trips. In other words Philly fans I didn’t mortgage my future trips on a one time shot!!

It may seem so sacrimoneous to readers that I can brag about going to events like a Super Bowl or All Star game and that’s not my intentions. I’m as much of a fan as anyone these days and it is just that I have the resources to actually get to these events under the cloud of sports writer/commentator. Now don’t think that I get special treatment because I really don’t. As my friend Rose Scott told me the other day about her celebrity status, “If it gets me an extra piece of fish, that’s all it’s good for!” In truth folks having the accessibility to get a press pass to these events is just that; access. But you can also believe that even if I didn’t have that type of access to people in the NFL or NBA, I would not be putting the one thing I worked so hard for to get. A house is a major investment in your life and if you are fortunate to own one, why jeopardize it for a few hours of pleasure at a football game? Maybe I’ll ask those Philly fans who may lose their homes down the road for this one ‘chance of a lifetime’.

MS. SALLY ANTHONY, PLEASE REPORT FOR SHOCK TREATMENTS Okay how many have not heard the latest sports soap opera? The latest soap opera (I’ll get to the Lakers’ drama in a little while) is that an ABA owner has tried to fire her coach DURING a basketball game and that a 911 call was made over this past weekend by a family member because said owner was trying to hurt herself. Sally Anthony, one of the co-owners of the Nashville franchise in the ABA (yeah it’s still around), wanted to fire former Vanderbilt player, Ashley McEilhaney, who is the Nashville Rhythm’s head coach during the third quarter of a game. The incident was precipitated by the fact that Anthony’s other two co-owners paid Matt Friese, the Vandy’s all time leader scorer for the men, $10k to play two games. Anthony was livid and called her coach to let her know that she didn’t want Friese to play in that game. McEilhaney ignored her orders and played him anyways. Anthony came onto the court, and berated the 23-year-old coach during that time.

Now I’ve listened to a little bit of Anthony’s music and I want to tell you, the readers, that she isn’t all that folks. She’s a pop wannabe twanger with a little R&B vibe done with a harmonizer and electronic tunes. That’s what she is a third tier singer and it’s kind of ironic that she is the co-owner of a third tier franchise in a third tier league. Now I don’t want to completely degrade the Rhythm or their coach. The last time I checked, that 23-year-old woman has coached a bunch of men to the top record in their division and they respect her. So maybe what Anthony should do is take a page from her players and back off from trying to be the focal point of the show. Anthony made headlines when she hired the former Vandy star and that was commendable. Now Anthony has completely vilified that effort with her rant during the game last weekend and it has brought shame in the sports community.

Ms. Anthony, please excuse yourself and get some professional help for whatever problem you have. You aren’t doing your music fans or your team’s fans any favors by trying to be a bulldog tyrant over a woman who is just seven years your junior.

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE LAKER SAGA WAS OVER… Well it didn’t take long for Rudy Tomjanovich to realize that he may have gotten in over his head in taking the Los Angeles Lakers job. When Phil Jackson and his staff was unceremoniously dismissed last summer, many of us basketball hacks figured that the downfall of the once proud Laker moniker was in jeopardy.

It seems that Dr. Jerry Buss and Mitch Kuptcheck aren’t too pleased with how Rudy T has guided this franchise but then again it’s so much easier to get rid of a coach than it would be to fire a GM or an owner. If I had to place blame on this situation, I would place it squarely in Dr. Buss’s lap. It was his ego and bad decision making to put this franchise in the predicament that it now finds itself in. What’s worse is that for the NBA it makes the second time a really good coach has stepped down from a storied franchise. Just over a week ago Lenny Wilkins said adios to the New York Knicks. Now we have one of the all time really good guys as a coach saying bye to the Lakers.

Laker fans might want to realize something; this isn’t a great team anymore. Nobody wants to coach this team folks and can you blame them? Dr. Buss is living in the past. Dr. Buss needs to realize that he has mortgaged the future of his beloved franchise by placing so much emphasis on one player and that now it is nearly impossible for any coach to keep that team competitive. Instead of Dr. Buss listening to reason, logic and maybe a little Zentronic symbolisms from Phil, he decided to go against a man who won nine titles and place the future of the franchise in the hands of Bryant. Well if Rudy T is out I say that the Laker nation is getting exactly what it paid for.

I hate to see anybody like the caliber of Rudy T leave a franchise in the midst of his first year of a five-year deal but hen again I can’t begrudge him one red cent. Rudy T has gotten over bladder cancer and he survived an incident that could have not had him here at all when Kermit Washington hit him so many years ago. In both instances, Tomjanovich came out smelling like a rose and was a better person for it. Will he survive this latest onslaught of his professional career? I think he will. I think that Rudy T will return back to Houston and call it a day. He should because he doesn’t need this headache. But the fashion of how Buss and Kuptcheck are doing this doesn’t faze me in the least. After all once you have made your deal with the devil, you will do anything it takes to keep that deal in place; even if it means selling your team’s soul in the process.