Interview With Johnny Dawkins

By Richard Kent
Updated: February 28, 2005
NEW HAVEN, CT.–Johnny Dawkins is a 1988 graduate of Duke and is currently the school’s associate head basketball coach.He has held that position since the 1998-9 season.He spent 9 years in the NBA and is one of the very few players to have his number retired as a player at Duke.
BA-You must have had numerous opportunities to be a head coach.
JD-I have had opportunities but I am very happy at Duke.The opportunity to work with Coach K. is great.He is a true leader.And he has taught me a lot.
BA-Would you consider a head coaching job?
JD-Sure that is my goal.
BA-Would that be at Duke after Coach K, retires?
JD-Let’s not talk about him retiring.And coaching Duke is everyone’s ideal.
BA-What are your duties and responsibilities?
JD-Well not that much recruiting.Really coaching and player development.
BA-What is special about Duke?
JD-It is the perfect school for the student-athlete.
BA-Tell us about this team that you are coaching and the lack of depth?
JD-This is one of the best team efforts that we have had since I have been here.
It is the prediction of this writer that when Coach K. does leave the Duke job it will go to Dawkins,Mike Brey of Notre Dame or Tommy Amaker of Michigan.