From The Barber’s Chair

By A. P. Ri'Chard
Updated: February 6, 2005

NEW JERSEYI’ve been given the blessings of management to give the dedicated faithful of a new twist on reporting about the high-flying Nets (20-27). I won’t only give you the normal pre and post-game interview with the players but I’m going to the streets—I want to express the fans sentiments; after all, they are just as passionate about this game as the players.

So after the matinee game on Saturday February 5th at the Continental Airlines Arena I reached out to the fans. It was extremely easy on this day to get their perspective, after all they just watched the Nets put an end to the World Champion Pistons (28-19) five game winning streak in dominate fashion.

VinSanity went right at the Wallaces (Ben and Rasheed) like the Vince Carter of old as he contributed 41 points on 14 of 27 from the field. But, again everything depended on Jason Kidd, “J-Kidd got us started,” Carter said.

The 107-85 shellacking was engineered by Kidd’s milestone performance—the floor general only managed to poured in 12 points on 5 of 15 from the floor, but his pin point passing (14 assists) allowed him to surpass Bob Cousy (6,955) for number 12 on the all time list. J-Kidd also became the Nets franchise leader in this category, passing Kenny Anderson’s mark of 2,364. It only took Kidd three and one half seasons running the point for New Jersey to achieve the franchise milestone.

Lawrence Franks stated, “In 3 ½ years he shattered the organizational record. How long have the Nets been around? Twenty some odd years, that’s pretty good.”

“How does he do that? Kidd always seems to put the ball right where his teammates are gonna be before they know where their gonna be—you know what I mean. His performance was outstanding, but, VinSanity had the place rockin’—he didn’t fear those Wallace boys,” Dr. Ian Surrey (Fan) stated.

This was by far Vince’s best performance since putting on a Nets jersey, “We wanted to see where we were as a team and this was the bar to see how good we are,” Carter said.

“I don’t think that the Nets should measure themselves off of that team—it’s obvious that they are not playing the same way that they played last year. If I were a Piston fan I would be very angry, they seemed to be trying to coast through the season. I think that they’re waiting for the playoffs. If that’s the cast they could be headed down a very dangerous path—what if they get knocked out of the first round—that would be a laugh.” A fan that didn’t want to be identified said. I think he was skipping work.

After trailing most of the first half the Defending Champs managed to get within two before halftime. But the Nets, behind Carter, Jabari Smith (7 of 7, 14 points) and Jacque Vaughn’s (12 points) ran off of Kidd’s lead and put the Pistons in their rearview mirror scoring 25 point in the third quarter while holding the Champs out of Motown to a mere 11.

“We managed to cut the lead by halftime but it was a bad third quarter. We didn’t do what we were suppose to on defense, and that’s what creates chaos—nothing went right tonight—we were flat,” Tayshaun Prince (17 points) added.

Prince managed to block four shots and look to have energized the Pistons defense before the half. In the third Carter took over and even Prince couldn’t find a way to put the brakes on the starting forward for the Eastern Conference All Stars. Prince’s frustration was evident when he received his first ever NBA technical foul after kicking the ball because the Pistons were not competing.

“We were horrible, we didn’t do much right—there is no excuse, no explanation,” Chauncey Billups said while slumped over at his locker.

“If Carter and Kidd continue to play the way they’re playing they won’t have a problem taking the Atlantic. I just hope they realize that the team they played today won’t be the team they’ll play if they meet the Pistons in the playoffs. With the addition of Antonio McDyess and Carlos Arroyo that team will be dangerous if they realize that being a champion means that they have to play with heart all the time. They didn’t seem to have any heart after halftime, I’ve watched them and they seem to play without heart a lot. I think they think that they can turn it ON anytime they want, MISTAKE…” Dr. Surrey (Fan) said

This week I’ll go to the Barber’s Shop and get the perspective of the men that gather in search of the perfect cut. I’ll let you know if VinSanity has reached out to them…