Are The Knicks About To Cross The Trade D(R)ead Line?

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: February 24, 2005

NEW YORK – This time of year is akin to a kid at Christmas waiting to unwrap promised gifts. The rumors and scuttlebutt pertaining to who’s going where in what trade and why is something that most basketball junkies salivate over. But, with most rumors players usually stay put. So for all it’s worth, fans are really left with chasing water down stream.

With the trade deadline (at press time) slated for today at 6pm EST, the Knicks would serve themselves very well to just let the day come and go mercifully. If Trader (Isiah) Thomas gets the ‘ichy finger’ Knicks fans better just hope he’s not trying to scratch in the direction of Sacramento Kings power forward, Chris Webber. For one, it would have been about six years too late and secondly, Webber owns an Allan Houston type contract and for just as many years. Matter-of-fact, Webber also owns the same type of micro-surgery on his left leg as does Houston.

Webber, although two years younger at age 32, came out of college (Michigan ‘93’) in the same NBA draft as Penny Hardaway. So that being said we can conclude that C-Webb is no spring chicken. And at last count don’t the Knicks have enough, big named, big contract, little production players on the roster? That loud crash and thumbing sound you just heard are the thousands upon thousands of life-long die hard Knicks fans that are simply, “feed up” with being feed up! Buyer beware! Isiah, yield ‘not’ to temptation!

No, there’s no Tim Duncan’s or LeBron James’ in this year’s draft. But, there are good players that can be developed or at the very least ‘younger’ players with length and athletism that would be of better use than bringing in a big name with one good leg at this point in the Knicks’ cycle of things.

Not so much suggesting that the Knicks should tank the season and nose dive into Lottery-ville. But, perhaps they can think about mini-bussing it and driving really slow and give the Knicks fans some hope of brighter and more youthful future. See Chicago Bulls.