When Does It End Steeler Fans?

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: January 26, 2005

WINSTON SALEN, N.C.—What do the San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos all have in common? They are all the teams that Bill Cowher and his “Always a Bride’s Maid and Never a Bride” Pittsburgh Steelers have lost to in the AFC Championship game over the much maligned tenure of the the hometown coach. You could have added the Indianapolis Colts to that list had it not been for a questionable drop in the end zone by a Colts receiver sending the Steelers to their only Superbowl appearance under Cowher(A game in which they lost 27-17 to the hated Cowboys). But here we go again…….another championship game under coach Cowher, another lost.

What is it about this team? This coach? This city? They have no right losing like the Bill Buckner lead Redsox in 86 or the lovable Cubs who do good enough to finish second. Or the Buffalo Bills that went to 4 straight Superbowls and if it wasn’t for the “wide-right” scenerio, would not be mentioned as loser(they lost all 4). They had better quarterbacks then Trent Dilfer who led the Ravens to the “Promise Land”, a hall of fame running back like John Elway finally was handed that helped him go from great to legendary with 2 Superbowl wins, comparable receivers to some that caught passes and td’s from the icon of Green Bay, Brett Favre and a defense that would make Bill Belechick very proud. So what is it?

Conventional wisdom…………..check that, the so-called experts would have you believe that consistency is good even if you fall short of the ultimate football goal……..WINNING THE SUPERBOWL! They would also like you to believe that coaches who win and get their team in the playoffs most years are successful. WRONG………ESPECIALLY IN THE CASE OF THE BLACK AND GOLD. The only thing consistent about the Pittsburgh Steelers is that they are inconsistent. Bill Cowher is now 1-5 in championship games and what makes it worse, he is 1-4 at home in those same games. Where is the homefield advantage? Advantage road team I guess?

Think about it “Steeler Nation”, you were spoiled by the Noll with his cast of characters: Bradshaw, “Mean” Joe Greene, Lambert, Ham, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Rocky Blier and a host of hall of fame others. Four Superbowls in six years and not only that………….ALL WINS! It’s enough to make the “PITTSBURGH STEELER GOD’S” TURN OVER IN THEIR GRAVES! What has happen to the perspective of Dan Rooney and the Rooney family(they own the team and have since the glory days)? Have they lost their mind? Their edge? Their perspective? Losing time and time again is ok now?To add insult to injury, their absolute hall of fame running back Jerome Bettis made a seemingly farewell speech to his teammates after the latest Steeler debacle that had even hard nose receiver Hines Ward in tears and talented receiver Plaxico Burress said he no longer wants to be in the “STEEL CITY” either. The future in Pittsburgh is surely in doubt.

In the end, players and coaches come and go when it comes to the Steelers but two things stay the same……………. Bill Cowher and losing. Wouldnt you rather lose all your games as a fan of the team or never make the playoffs so you dont have your football spirits up only to be let down time and time again by this coach, this team? Whether your answer is yes or no, it’s very obvious that The Rooney family feels that coming up “SHORT” goes a “LONG” way.