Thoughts on the BCS

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: January 2, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.—It’s college football bowl time again, since late December actually, and it seems like more and more companies are getting into this bowl thing.

I just cant relate to the Chick Fila Peach Bowl, or the whozie whatzits Sun Bowl, let alone the Comeagain Liberty Bowl.

Thank God for the Rose Bowl I say.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, what happened to the concept of the Big ten representative meeting the Pac 10 rep?

I know the BCS has taken over and while the game, which was won by U. of Texas over the U. of Michigan, was an exciting game, it only goes to show you what a whole lot of begging, pleading and whining will get you-a spot in the Rose Bowl, instead of the U. of California being there.

I’m ready for the two big bowls, the Sugar and Orange to give me a little excitement, which is more than I got from watching the Tostidos Fiesta Bowl.

I actually fell asleep, or maybe it was the medicine!

But before I did, I wanted to know a few things.

What on earth is a Big East team like U. of Pittsburgh doing in the BCS mix?

Is college football getting like the NHL playoffs where everybody and their mother gets into the mix?

What conference is the U. of Utah from and what is a UTE?

Should any team be allowed to wear uniforms THAT shade of red?

I’m ready as I can ever be for the Sugar and Orange- no, wait, they’re called the Nokia Sugar and the Fed Ex Orange Bowls now.

Whatever, I’m ready.

In the Sugar, besides having friends who attened VA. Tech, I want to see if Auburn can live up to the billing.

No, not the hype, because I watched a lot of Auburn football this year and I was impressed.

It’s just ashame that like the Pac 10, the BCS treats the Southeast Conference like the wicked stepchild.

I also would love to see some good old fashioned and wicked serious butt kicking by USC on the U. of Oklahoma Sooners.

It’s not just because I happen to live a bus ride away from the SC campus, but because I’m really getting sick of hearing the Oklahoma players going to the press and talking smack about the Trojans.

I guess no one ever told these “Boomer Sooners” that talk is cheap and let your actions on the field do the talking for you.

Just some thoughts on the BCS while I’m coughing and sneezing through the bowl season.