Spurs Rebound Off of Misfire In Portland with 90-80 win over Kings

By Gregory Moore
Updated: January 28, 2005

Janet Robinson
Tony Parker

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The San Antonio Spurs erased their memory of losing to the Portland Trailblazers by returning to their defensive form against the Sacramento Kings in a ten point win in the second game of a TNT double-header.

The Spurs had a tough time with the Kings as their offense sets created 20 turnovers for the Kings who scored nineteen points from those mistakes. Tony Parker, who had twelve points and seven assists, committed four turnovers in the game.

“Anytime you play the Kings, you have to realize that their offense feeds off of turnovers,” Spurs coach Greg Popovich said after the game.

Despite the turnovers, the Spurs were able to force Sacramento to commit seventeen of their own mistakes and score nineteen points as well. Besides Parker scoring in double figures, Bruce Bowen (14), Tim Duncan (20 points, 12 rebounds) and Manu Ginobili (25) also scored in double figures.

“Turnovers were the difference between the first half and the second half or us,” Ginobili said after the game. “Sacramento is a very talented team and if you help them out with turnovers, they will kill you.” The Kings seemed to not really struggle much throughout the game even though they were missing Peja Stojakovic who sat out the game with back spasms. Shooting 43% from the field, the Kings had four players score in double figures in the ten point loss led by Brad Miller’s 19 points. The other three were Chris Webber (16), Mike Bibby (17) and Cuttino Mobley (12).

They executed and hit big shots down the stretch,” Kings coach Rick Adelman said. “We competed with them all night long; we just didn’t have enough at the end.” GAME NOTES: The Spurs won the series 3-1 with two wins in the span of a week against the Kings, a 103-73 win at Arco Arena on Sunday night and tonight’s win. Chris Webber was among the Kings’ players who were not happy with the team’s effort. “We are not happy just because it was closer,” Webber said. “No to take anything away from them, they played great and they won. But it feels no different. A loss is a loss.” MOBLEY WILL SURELY BE FINED: it looks like the whininess that is Cuttino Mobley hasn’t left the six-year veteran. Mobley complained about how the Spurs were flopping throughout the game and that the referees did not pay attention to the game. “They kind of have that reputation for grabbing and flopping, that so-called great defense, and I respect that,” Mobley said. “But the officials are supposed to pay more attention to the game, not the fact that they are that type of team. I don’t mind it if they call it both ways.” Mobley will surely be fined for his comments and I’m quite sure somebody will remind him that the reason why the Spurs have the #1 defense in the league is because they shut players down. As the starting shooting guard who was brought in for offense, Mobley only scored 12 points while his counterpart, Manu Ginobili scored 25 in the game.