Monty Brown Goes From Super Bowl To Super-Sized in NWA-TNA

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: January 9, 2005

Monty "The Alpha Man" Brown
Monty “The Alpha Man” Brown

NEW JERSEY—In 2005, there will be a chance for a select couple of minority wrestlers to step up their game, and make a big splash in the business of professional wrestling. A man by the name of the “Alpha Male” Monty Brown is one of them.

Now in his 5th year of wrestling, this former NFL football player with the Buffalo Bills(1993-‘95) and New England Patriots(‘96) wants to jump to new heights within his current domain at NWA-TNA. At 6′ 2″, 275 pounds, Brown has the rare combination of strength and agility to give the TNA fans a good show whenever he’s in that 6-sided ring.

As a matter of fact, while the 34-year old Brown has yet to hold a pro wrestling title, he was recently named #101 in the 2004 version of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500. At age 34, he still has quite a bit to do in the ring before aspiring to perhaps coach junior high school football, and become a serious actor – ala The Rock, upon his retirement from wrestling.

Funny thing is at first, NWA-TNA brass didn’t think that Monty was cut out for this business. However, a year passed, and things have certainly changed. Brown is approaching the top of his game, and like his AFC Championship with the ‘93 Bills, Brown wants one of his own, and soon.

As for his overall assessment of wrestling, Brown knows this is a hard life to persevere. He has already suffered two concussions and a separated shoulder while wrestling, but will keep on going, because that’s his new love.

With dreams of being a pro wrestler and emulating Ric Flair as a kid, Monty Brown is on a quest. Wherever that quest will take him, it can only lead to better things. He prefers that they happen in NWA-TNA. We, as African-Americans, prefer them wherever they may happen. Good luck, Monty.

By the way, Monty Brown’s next challenge is a Triple Threat Match at NWA-TNA’s next pay-per-view, Final Resolution on Sunday, January 16th. He faces old pros Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page, with the #1 contender’s spot for the NWA World Championship, currently held by Jeff Jarrett.