Krista N. Ford, USA & World Champion Powerlifter

By Zandra R. Conway
Updated: January 20, 2005

“Krista Ford has the potential to be one of the best”

–Michael Lambert, publisher of Powerlifting USA

Krista FordATLANTA, GA.—How many women do you know who can squat 540 pounds, dead lift 540, and bench press 225 pounds in a weight lifting competition? If you do not know any women who can do this, let me introduce you to the National and World Powerlifting Champion, Krista Noelle Ford.

Krista Noelle Ford is on track to becoming a legend among female athletes. For the past 20 years, she has demonstrated her mastery over gravity, ranking among the world’s top 20 powerlifters and bodybuilders. As a gold medallist and professional athlete, Krista encourages all women of all backgrounds to break traditional sports barriers and enter new territory.

Since 1989, Krista has been a prominent female figure in sports generally dominated by men. Her steadfast determination, drive and strength of character have enabled her to blaze a trail for female athletes. Krista was the first African-American in history to compete in the sport of women’s bobsledding – a sport that had been banned since 1940 for women. As a member of the U.S. women bobsled team, she won one gold medal and two silver medals.

Since her retirement from bobsledding, Krista has been named by the Women’s Sports Foundation as an “African-American Sports Heroine”. Sports continue to be a proving ground for Krista as she demonstrates relentless commitment in winning national and international powerlifting competitions. As a member of the U.S. National and World Powerlifting Team, she earned a gold medal at the 1994 Goodwill Games, 7 National Championship Titles and 4 World Championship Titles

There is a sort of persistence that is a key to Ford’s extraordinary success; it is, in fact, the underlying ethic to all athletic competition – the idea of never giving up. What is a ‘perfect Power Lifter?’ This phase characterizes a power lifter who can squat and deadlift the same weight. Ford has achieved this feat for years. At the USA 2002 APF Championship, she lifted 540 pounds in Squats and 540 in the Deadlift, and 225 pounds in the Bench Press competitions. In business, it’s called persistence; in sports, its called “guts.” With her impressive athletic background, she will be successful, and has the zeal to prove it! Potential sponsors will see her as a marketable product.

Ford is the CEO and Founder of The Krista Ford Foundation, Inc. a tax exempt non-profit organization established for the charitable purpose of exposing underprivileged children in diverse communities to successfully compete in non-traditional sports, such as lacrosse, rugby, powerlifting, etc. The foundation will promote its values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and good sportsmanship in today’s youth by providing the structure and guidance necessary for anyone to reach and achieve their dreams.

Co-Author, Krista Ford wrote in a journal throughout her life about being an athlete, and overcoming the challenges set before her. “Just Like Mosesã is an inspirational story about embracing the challenges and obstacles in our lives to make them a part of who we are and use them to achieve a higher good. This book will help heal and strengthen women and girls seeking to become elite athlete in male-dominated sports on a professional or amateur level. Krista’s inspiring life-stories will also appeal to audiences of all ages.

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