Gordon Solie… Something Left Behind

By By Gordon Solie, Robert and Pamela Allyn
Updated: January 1, 2005

NEW YORK, NY–“…Who cares whether these thoughts of mine are ever printed? The important premise is they have been written. Whether anyone else ever reads them or not is transcended by the fact that I have expressed my own truisms.”

-Gordon Solie

Something Left Behind is truly an invaluable journey through the private, inner dialogue of a man who will forever remain famous for his voice. This collection of personal stories, poems, pictures and inner thoughts from the “Dean of Professional Wrestling Announcers” is almost as priceless as Solie’s numerous contributions to the world of Florida wrestling and stock car racing.

This highly anticipated book will not disappoint fans of the late Solie. More than 150 photos paint the story how of a young man, who as a child, would entertain his family with play-by-plays of radio sport programming, worked his way to becoming the premier television wrestling announcer in the world.

Never-before published personal Solie writings, including the beginnings of a screenplay and various short stories accompany the pictures. Thought- provoking poems detailing the ups and downs of the wrestling world offer an exclusive insight into this often- controversial sport and is a true treat for any fan.