Athletes Gone Crazy-Part 2

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: January 15, 2005

Tony Dungy

LOS ANGELES, CA.I haven’t a clue about what it is, but one would think there is really some strange pollutant in and around those thousands of lakes in Minnesota that makes their athletes, especially Timberwolves and Vikings act as though they’ve lost what little common sense they might have.

Witness Randy Moss of the Vikings, pretending to “moon” the Green bay fans after the last toughdown against Green Bay in last sunday’s wild card game.

Normally, I call the NFL the No Fun League, but I agree with them this time.

Randy, if you’re going to do your “Chippendale” imitation, don’t do it halfway.

Strip all the way.

That’s not being “creative”, like your agent says you were being.

Creativity is when you score a touchdown, take out a cell phone and say, “Can you hear me now?”

That’s some SERIOUS creativity!

I’m all for sticking up for your players, but Vikings owner, Ray McCombs, must have forgotten that just a week before, Randy did his, “Elvis has just left the building” impersonation and left the field BEFORE the game was over.

Real class, Moss, really.

Speaking of class, has Moss being taking lessons from Latrell Sprewell?

Moss claims that the “10,000 is nothing to him.”

I guess not if you’re making more than the entire population of Mexico.

But a lot of people, including yours truly, would love to see the 10,000 you consider nothing, heck some of would just like to see a $1,000 just to know that it’s real.

It amazes me how Moss can justify what he did by saying the Green Bay fans taunted him and shouted racial epithets.

Randy, I know it’s Green Bay but let’s stop with the racial taunts, especially on a day when the Packers honored Reggie White, who was, the last time I noticed, a black man.

It also amazes me how black coaches like the Colt’s Tony Dungy, doesn’t seem to have a problem with Moss’ antics, but for some reason, got on his high moral horse when Terrell Owens did a “Desparate Housewife” skit.

Moss is a good football player, but he needs to stop acting like an imbecile and grow up a lot.