The State of African American Sports Is Now Officially In Need Of A True Hero

By Gregory Moore
Updated: December 6, 2004

Barry Bonds is just one of many Black athletes who are having their credibility questioned by those in the Black community these days.

SAN ANTONIO — If you have been following the soap opera better known as “As Barry Turns”, better known as the BALCO fiasco, you would undoubtedly have come to a very dark realization about the state of African American sports worshipping; it’s becoming harder and harder to put these athletes on a pedestal. The one thing that this community has is our athletes and with Victor Conte divulging what he knows in regards to THG, EPO and other steroid products that he says that track stars Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, and Kelly White have used, we are now searching for some serious answers to a very hard question: Are our Black superstars in sports doping up to be the best of the best?

The situation is critical folks because this is an age where athletics are more and more prevalent in not just the black community but the community at large. It’s being pushed to the national forefront not because a black athlete was caught doing it. The story is now in the forefront because there has been main media stories of Caucasian athletes doping and dying from steroid use. And while that is expected in this social climate, it is alarming that the majority of the athletes being targeted are indeed African Americans and are high profile athletes. It is so serious that questions are bound to be asked about each and every person who is a famous athlete and that is scary.

So just how serious is this problem since Conte’s comments were aired last Friday on ABC? Look at the following scenario and you might get a good understanding. Let’s say that in the year 2024 someone comes forth and says that they can prove that several prominent athletes ‘padded’ their stats and bought their way into the record books. These athletes included Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Not only does this individual have proof but it has been corroborated by several well-known sources who can vouch for its credibility. That would rock your world in twenty years right? Well that is the feeling that many are feeling right now with Conte having done his tell-all story on ABC.

Whether you believe what Conte or Kelli White is saying is your own personal belief but it is definitely something that is making myself think about a lot of individuals right now. I have my suspicions about Bonds. I have seen pictures of him when he was in Pittsburgh and his early days in San Francisco. I have seen pictures of him now. I am telling you that I honestly believe that he is doing something that is impossible to achieve by just a normal workout. He’s taking supplements and I am suspecting that he may have taken something that was illegal and undetectable. The same for Jones and Montgomery. I am having a hard time believing David Boston now because I have always suspected him of doping up. His demeanor and the way he looks has led me to that rationale. As a matter of fact I am now really wondering if Flo Jo passed away prematurely because of what she passed away from. These are my own personal thoughts and I am deriving them from what I know and understand about steroids and their use.

Now if I can come to some self-doubts about these athletes, what do you think others are doing right now. More importantly let’s shift the story just a bit. Forget about the professional athletes. Look at the levels below that field of sports. What of the middle school, high school and college players in our community? You don’t think they are wanting to emulate their sports heroes? If you think that this segment of the black sports world is immune to such vices guess again. They are going to use these products because they are emulating the stars and if Bonds is using products from Weidner, ZMA and other nutritional companies, these athletes will too. If they can get an edge by taking a steroid, these kids will follow suit as well. Scary thought huh? Well that is the reality of today and we have to deal with it.

Make no mistake about what you are finding out. The sports world in the Black community is in serious trouble and right now there is no one to save us right now.