The Last Black Man

By Darien Ashlei
Updated: December 5, 2004

Jim Brown

SAN ANTONIO, TX— When I was a child, all I wanted to do was play in the NBA and or NFL. Now that I’m a man I still want to play, but I also want to own the team as well. The product of slavery is prevalent even in today’s high profile sports world, with football being the worst culprit.

How can you say a million dollar athlete is a slave? I’m glad you asked.

When Africans first came to America, despite what history tells you, they all weren’t slaves. They were also free men, farmers, and businessmen who had a group of slaves themselves.

They also came as guides to the land or indentured servants which would work off the debt of being brought to America by providing free labor for a limited amount of time, usually 3 years.

Now, you ask how can I consider college and pro football slavery?

PRO Athletes make millions of dollars a year, but their careers are limited to 3-5 years, a high turnover rate. Meanwhile, the owner makes billions of dollars and financial security is guaranteed whether he wins another game or not. The position of quarterback is slowly becoming dominated by blacks, whose superior athletic ability, cunning, and personality transcends the game, But remember, brother man, you are not O.J. Remember what hap peed to him when he thought he wasn’t black anyone, they tried to hang his ass. The master (i.e., owner) just takes the out the old slave (aging player) and replaces him with a new stud from the breeding farm (i.e., college football).

COLLEGE Now this is pure unadulterated rape, there is no other word for it. Yes, I get a free education, a place to stay and some food. But again, the owner (i.e. the college or universities) makes billions of dollars off of my labor. I’m a beast of burden and when you’re through with me after four years (if I survive academically), you ship me out, degree or not for another fresh crop of young bucks.

OWNERSHIP When are black players going to pull their resources together and purchase a team? They can definitely afford it. Just buy one less car or a smaller house or less jewelry. Put your money where your soul is.

Hall Of Famer Jim Brown had it right back in the day when he organized black athletes from all genres to pool their resources and form a business together. But today this effort would be monumental task to say the least. Too many babies in men’s clothing. Too many boys with man size wallets still thinking with the wrong head.

College athletes should go on strike just for one game for lack of compensation, and then see how these schools will rush to their aid to keep the slave plantation growing.

Hell, Jimmy “The Greek” was right, we are superior because we were blessed by God Almighty himself. The Lord gave us elite physical beauty and strength because he knew we would need it to shovel throw all the shit society has been feeding us since the beginning of organized sports.

Does anyone remember when black athletes were barred from playing professional sports for years because of their great success? Football’s Fritz Pollard came along way before Jackie Robinson did. But white America still wanted to be a savior again in the eyes of the Negro.

Bringing in a good colored boy like Jackie, educated and such, to sooth the white man’s ego. Hell, Robinson wasn’t even the best player in the Negro League. Guys like Josh Gibson were, but he was considered erratic and ill tempered.

Remind you of anyone lately? (Artest, Iverson, TO). Here’s look at you guys.

How long are we gonna keep shuffling for pennies?. If you think pennies, you’ll get pennies. If you think dollars, you’ll get dollars damn. It just doesn’t make sense.