The LA Sports Scene or I Just Can’t believe What I’m Seeing

By JoAnn Lawery
Updated: December 22, 2004

LOS ANGELES — In Los Angeles we should be talking about the Lakers and how we may win another championship and will USC have to share the BCS trophy again this year.

We would also be making fun of everybody’s favorite basketball whipping boy, the LA Clippers.

But on Christmas, we aren’t talking about how bad the Clippers really are, because they aren’t.

Now, that might change at the end of the NBA season, but at least they’re entertaining on the court.

The Lakers aren’t entertaining.

At least, on the court, anyway.

They have become what the Clippers were here in Los Angeles since moving here from San Diego so many years ago-a joke.

They have become a very expensive joke and everyday, Kobe Bryant seems to be fighting with somebody.

Sooner or later, I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were fighting about why she didn’t get a bigger diamond ring this time, just like the one Kaye Malone is getting from Karl, for supposedly “hitting” on Mrs Kobe.

We should be talking about the two NHL teams, the Kings and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, but we aren’t.

The NHL lockout is still going on, and frankly, my dears, no one gives a damn about the NHL anymore, not even die-hard hockey fans.

But I can honestly say, if they decide to get back on the ice, I’ll be one of the first people in the arena to see some hockey, NHL style.

In Southern Cal, we’re talking about all those trades the Dodgers have made and how the Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels are trying to match them trade for trade.

He’s on the “right coast”, hanging out with all the South Beach posseurs, but Shaq Daddy still manages to get all the headlines here in LA LA land.

You would think that NBA game on Christmas that ABC is hyping up so badly was all about Shaq and Kobe.

Sorry, folks, it’s not.

It’s about the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, and besides, if you want to see some real drama, if you happen to have ESPN, the first game on tv is the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers, in Indiana, on Xmas no less.

Personally, I would like to see Shaq come back and just get the biggest standing ovation ever from Laker fans.

Finally, here’s some Southern Cal sports news you didn’t hear.

We had our own version of “Williamhamgate” at USC.

Basketball coach, Henry Bibby,was fired after losing two games this season.

He was replaced by Rick Majerus, formally of ESPN and U. of Utah.

(Yeah, another white coach.)

He called it his”dream job.”

I guess that dream job suddenly turned into a nightmare for Majerus.

He resigned, quit, or whatever.

He claimed “health reasons” for his decision.

If you’ve ever seen Coach Majerus, you know, health should have been a concern for him BEFORE he accepted his”dreamjob.”

These are just some of the sports stories, you sports folks on the East Coast missed.