Crunch Time

By Bruce Edwards
Updated: December 26, 2004

Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson

LEXINGTON, Ky. — If the Cleveland Cavilers want to get to the Eastern Conference Finals, which they have a legitimate shot at doing, they will need an experienced point guard like Eric Snow to get there. Don’t they have an experienced point guard like Eric Snow? I would be very surprised and very disappointed if things between Eric Snow and Paul Silas got to the point where Snow had to be traded.

The play of Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade on Christmas was the best exhibition of guard play since Earl Monroe of the Baltimore Bullets vs Walt Fraizer of the Knicks back in the day.

Three English soccer fans were recently fined and banned from attending soccer games league wide for five years for racist taunting of a black player. I like all of that.

How many major media outlets are owned by African Americans? How many African Americans hold top decision making managerial and editorial positions at major media outlets?

How many African Americans own NBA, NFL, or MLB franchises? How many African Americans are presidents and athletic directors of colleges and universities with professional athletic programs?

The answer to those questions is all you really need to know to figure out whose running things. You can’t legislate people to do what’s not in their heart to do. This is not like the voting rights act or the civil rights act.

This is business… owned and operated by businessmen who when all is said and done do what they want. Charlotte Bobcat owner Robert Johnson does what he wants. That’s just how it is.

Think about all the 19-20 year old boys you know and ask yourself how many of them can deal with the world with six million dollars in his pocket? NBA players in that age group for the most part can’t handle it either.

In fact, they may even be less prepared because at such a young age, their life has been dominated by basketball. No matter how seemingly mature, a 19 year old boy is a 19 year old boy.

Did the Raiders really want to kick the ball to Dante Hall in that situation? The Raider Nation deserves better.

My apologies to Nick Saban for calling him “Lou” Saban in my last column. Getting old has its moments good and bad.

RIP Reggie White and Kwane Doster. One life ending too soon, another ending before it even got started.