Crunch Time

By Bruce Edwards
Updated: December 20, 2004

Ricky WilliamsLEXINGTON, Ky. — Hey, Ricky Williams… Smoking marijuana is not the worst thing in the world you could do. Just be happy, be healthy, believe in something, and have the love and respect of your children. You say you’re moving on well move on then. The public doesn’t need to hear from you anymore.

The fact that the Dolphins “must” interview a qualified minority candidate for their head coaching job bothers me because Lou Saban is who they want to hire and who they will hire.

This whole mandated minority interviewing thing stinks and is insulting to black coaches who go through the process knowing they have no shot. The University of South Carolina didn’t follow its own hiring policies either because Steve Spurrier was who they wanted.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves… In the multi billion dollar professional sports industry that markets professional and big time college football and basketball, the role of African American athletes is to play the games… period. African Americans play those games better than anyone else in the world and that’s all the industry really wants us to do.

One would think that because we are so dominant as players, the natural progression would be for African Americans to move into ownership, decision making front office positions, become head coaches, managers, sports information directors, play-by-play broadcasters, trainers, technical people, research people, sales people, on and on and on. But the reality is the overwhelming majority of those jobs are held by white men earning great salaries based on what black men do.

Unfortunately, I don’t see things changing anytime in the near future, if at all. The reason for my pessimism is that I know when white men jokingly say “You’ve got to leave something for the white guys to do.” I know they are not joking.

The image of Stanford’s Josh Childress is used to market a NCAA licensed basketball video game. Terrell Owens even mentions Childress’ name in a commercial. Is Josh Childress getting paid by EA Sports or the NCAA? Well he should be.

Beat this five— AI and Kobe in the back court, Ben Wallace, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett up front.

Merry Christmas, everybody.