CIAA Board Of Directors Select Charlotte To Host 2006 – 2008 CIAA Basketball Tournaments

By Off the BASN Sports Wire
Updated: December 14, 2004

HAMPTON, Va. — Tuesday, by a majority vote, the CIAA Board of Directors, made up of the 12 member institutions’ presidents and chancellors, voted to award the 2006–08 annual men’s and women’s basketball tournament to the city of Charlotte.

The decision was reached via secret ballot submission to the CIAA’s accounting firm, which tabulated and certified the votes. Each school representative was allotted a single vote. The vote split was not made public.

“We have enjoyed tremendous growth in Raleigh, and this was a tough decision that was made after thorough consideration and research,” said Dr. Mickey Burnim, chancellor of Elizabeth City State University and chair of the CIAA Board of Directors.

“But as the stewards of this distinguished cultural event, it is incumbent upon us to insure that our conference, its events and its members’ scholastic benefits are maximized.

“At this time, we feel that the better option for growth and development is in Charlotte.”

The original requests for proposals were sent to the cities July 7, 2004 with a deadline for submission set for Sept. 27. Monday, Nov. 15, officials from both Raleigh and Charlotte presented their bids to the CIAA Board of Directors in Norfolk, Va.

Subsequent visits were made to Charlotte Nov. 18, and Raleigh, Nov. 21 by CIAA Commissioner Leon Kerry in order to conduct a fact-finding mission, of sorts.

“I do not have a vote in this process, but it is my job to collect all pertinent information pertaining to the process so that the board (of directors) can make an informed decision,” Kerry said.

“This event has grown to these heights because of the hard work of a lot of people. When you are talking about an event of this magnitude, there are a lot of questions that have to be answered to provide an unquestionable level of comfort. My staff and I worked toward answering all of the board’s concerns about both bids. They did the rest.”

In 2004, the CIAA Basketball Tournament attracted more than 104,500 people and had an $11.5 million economic impact on Raleigh, generating more than $983,304 in local and state tax revenue generated from sales, hotel and meal taxes.

“We anticipate having another record-setting year in Raleigh in 2005,” Kerry added.

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