What If…

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: November 19, 2004

Booker T

NEWARK, NJ.—Well, it surely could have happened. Believe it or not, we were so close to having a new chapter in history written, when Booker T. almost won the WWE Championship at this past weekend’s Survivor Series from current champion John Bradshaw Layfield. It would have been the first time ever in the history of pro wrestling that two African-Americans have simultaneously held the two highest titles in any major promotion. Shelton Benjamin is your current WWE Intercontinental champ, and doing a fine job with it.

There have been some close calls, such as The Rock being the WWF Champion from February to March of 1999, while D’ Lo Brown captured the Intercontinental Title from July to August in the same year. That’s about it, though. After all, we don’t have too many marks left to make in the sport of pro wrestling. So, while Booker T. is at the top of the game right now, you still have Ron “The Truth” Killings, and the upcoming “Alpha Male” Monty Brown in NWA-TNA, not to mention Orlando Jordan in the WWE. Well, maybe one day, something like that will happen. Until then, just stay away from the shackles of the past – plain and simple.