Spurs Continue Domination Of Jazz With 109-76 Win

By Gregory Moore
Updated: November 28, 2004

Malik Rose

SAN ANTONIO, TX— The San Antonio Spurs continued their winning ways with a decisive win over the Jazz after an 89-75 win over the Denver Nuggets. In Saturday’s game, it was the bench that produced and kept the pressure on the Jazz as the Spurs shot 75% in the first quarter and over 50% in the game.

“It was good to get back-to-back wins,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “We played consistent defense through four quarters and our intensity helped us win the game.” Malik Rose, who had 16 points in tonight’s contest, led the Spurs. Rose was complemented by Devin Brown (14), Tony Parker (14), and Manu Ginobili (15) Tim Duncan had 12 points in the win.

The win over the Jazz marks the eighteenth straight win over a franchise that used to be able to dominate the Spurs in years past. The last time the Jazz defeated the Spurs was February 6, 2000.

“I try not to remember those times,” Malik Rose said. “Back then the Jazz had Karl Malone and John Stockton and they had some great teams. Now we are just getting the better end of the rivalry.” Matt Harpring led the Jazz, who started out 6-1 early in the season. Harpring had 15 points while Gordon Giricek scored 14 points.

“They started out just like I though they would,” Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan said. “They [the Spurs] came out and tried to destroy us just like they have in the past couple of years. We got lost defensively because they move well without the ball.” “Gregg Popovich was kind in not playing their front line players or they would have had 200 points tonight.” “I didn’t expect this,” Jazz forward Matt Harpring said. “We played well last night and I thought I would carry over into tonight for us but it didn’t.” GAME NOTES: Devin Brown had a tremendous dunk late in the game. “As soon as I made the steal, I gave it to Brent (Barry). I kind of thought he was going to get it back to me; we had connected a few times in the preseason. He gave it back and I was able to throw it down.” The Spurs have another back-to-back series next week, as they will fly to Dallas to take on the Mavericks Tuesday and then immediately fly home to play the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday. This past week they had played a back-to-back game with Denver and Utah and the previous weekend saw them play Memphis and Toronto.

Saturday’s win gives the Spurs a 4-0 record when they score more than 100 points in the game. They are also 3-0 this season when opponents score less than 80 points in the same contest. Duncan currently has eleven double-double games this season, which either puts him in the lead or ties him for the lead in this young season.