NFL-Crossing the Line Again?

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: November 18, 2004

Nicolette Sheridan

LOS ANGELES, CA.—It happened again, the NFL, you know, the no fun league, did it again.

They got in trouble with the FCC, who really need to get a life and find something and somebody else to pick on.

In case you missed it, on last Monday’s game like they always do, ABC had a tease.

There was Terrell Owens, standing in what was suppose to be the Eagles lockerroom was seduced by actress Nicolette Sheridan, who was only acting the part of her character, man stealing divorcee Edie Britt from Desparate Housewives.

(Even though there are Latinos, but no African American housewives or families on the show, some of us do watch the show faithfully on Sunday nights and if we miss that episode, we watch the encore presentation on Saturday nights.)

Ms Sheridan, playing Edie, was doing her job, and T.O, well, he was being T.O.

One might have thought someone was attacking the country from the reaction of some people.

In case you missed it, at the end of the skit, Ms Sheridan, clad only in a towel, jumped into T.O.’s arms, while her co stars on the show, were in front of their televisin sets going, “Who watches this stuff, turn the station, the football game in on.”

Then of course the actresses said, “Are you ready for some football?”

If you watch the show, you got the gag.

Obviously most people didn’t because they were calling up ABC to complain about the raunchiness and how morally wrong and unfit for children this was.

I guess watching the news and seeing US soldiers shooting injured Iraqis in the face isn’t shocking enough.

One lady called one of the sports talk shows that I listen to here in Los Angeles and said “She didn’t want her granddaughter to watch such filth.”

I don’t know where she was calling from, but here on the west coast the game begins at ^PM and most Angelinos are too busy fighting each other on the freeways, trying to get home.

If she was in the east coast, where it was 9PM, I want to know what on earth was her granddaughter doing up so late on a schoolnight for anyway?

Ever since the janet jackson, “Malfunction”, where people acted though it were the end of the world, the FCC keeps getting involved and the NFL, especially Commissioner Tagliabue, keeps apologizing.

I think it’s time for people in this country to stop getting excited over really stupid things.

The country isn’t going to come to an end because ABC is cross plugging their shows.