How Do You Mess Over a Guy like Vince Carter? You Make a Deal With the Devil Himself…

By Gregory Moore
Updated: November 3, 2004

Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors & William “Tank” Black

SAN ANTONIO, TX.— — Just to show you that the world is loopy. After the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series and hell has frozen over, a Columbia, South Carolina jury has awarded William “Tank” Black over $4.5 million in damages saying that the Toronto star broke a contract in which Black was his representative. Okay maybe I missed something. Didn’t Black go to jail because he scammed millions from his clients in a title for cash deal, money laundering, fraud and other felonious activities? And if memory serves me right, Black is serving time because of those cases. So somebody help me out with this then. If Carter, who has done nothing wrong, dissolves a relationship with his agent, who was found to be nothing more than a common thief, and if perception in the public eye is everything, then how can a jury find Carter liable for using common sense to cut ties with such an individual. If Carter needs to make a deal with the devil, can he at least make sure the devil isn’t going to jail?

I have no idea what was going through the minds of that jury. Let’s put the case law aside for a moment and deal strictly with morality if we can. I cannot count the numerous times that I have written that Black athletes need to make sure that they surround themselves with people of good moral fiber. I can’t count the number of articles that I have written about the fact that Black athletes need to give Black agents a fair shake. Heck I’ve even made sure to contact the Black Sports Agent association and at least make sure that they know that there is one journalist out there trying to ensure that Black athletes are represented well. So if Carter is hurt by this verdict, so am I but for different reasons. I’m hurt because Black was supposed to be a man of moral fiber and here he is suing Carter over a contract that, in my eyes, was broken by Black. The former agent broke it by the fact that he stole $130,000 from Carter. Black stole from his ‘employers’ and if I’m not mistaken is that a strong case for being fired by the athletes?

And thus that’s where I’m at with this situation. How can Black be able to sue Carter for breach of contract when in essence Black was the employee; not employer. Is this South Carolina jury so delusional to not understand the simple premise of employer/employee relationship issues? Is this jury that blind in the workforce to understand that stealing is wrong, no matter how rich you are or who you did it from? As one sports talk show host would say, “what’s up, what’s happening, what’s going on” here. If Black can sue Carter for $4.7 million in damages, what can he get from Fred Taylor, Isaac Bruce and other former clients? As a matter of fact someone might want to warn Kevin Willis now. Heck if he has a falling out with Black, Willis could be shelling out a few dollars himself.

So what can Carter do about this situation? Sue of course. Appeal. Do whatever it takes. What it looks like is that this case should have been out of the hands of the ordinary citizen and thrown into the hands of a judge; a federal judge. That’s right its time for Carter to slam-dunk Black right where it hurts. Maybe that jury doesn’t understand how things are in the real world but Carter definitely does. Out here in the real world, criminals cannot make money off of gotten gains.

Sure Carter may have breached the contract that he had with Black but that was just cause. Whether Black realizes it or not, he stole from the very people who entrusted him with their lives. Black took from these people and that is just flat wrong. Criminally that’s called theft of services. Maybe the jury doesn’t understand that term but that is what he did. So for his efforts of stealing from Carter, this jury rewards Black with a monetary award and the judge signs off on it. That’s just wrong and it’s downright criminal in my opinion. Yet what can Carter do? Right now he’s over a barrel and Tank Black has signed a deal with the devil himself. That’s the only explanation that I can come up with. Carter is screwed and that’s a sick feeling. It’s also a sick feeling to know that twelve citizens actually are going along with this masquerade called justice. Just hang tight Vince; you’ll have some help soon. True justice will prevail some day.