Crunch Time

By Bruce Edwards
Updated: November 28, 2004

Ben Wallace

LEXINGTON, KY. — Aftermath…. Wouldn’t you just love to know the blood/alcohol level of the fans who throw things at players, curse them and their families and more and more scream racial epithets? Of course the league wouldn’t know or tell if they did, but I’m sure it knows how much revenue the sale of those beers bring to the teams and NBA.

This was bound to happen in another arena with different teams and different fans sooner than later. I did applaud Artest’s entrepreneurship in an earlier column; I never said he was a good decision maker. Speaking of decisions…Ben Wallace showed he can’t handle having a bad game and take a hard foul at the same time.

There is supposed to be this line players don’t cross by going into the stands. The player is supposed to let the verbal abuse roll off his back, head to the locker room or just continue playing. I agree with the players who feel they have the right to do their jobs like anyone else without being verbally and physically abused by fans.

Many young professional players today feel no matter how much money they make or how much someone paid for a ticket, they are not going let someone disrespect them or their families the way some fans do. Period… Call it a man thing, call it a young black man thing, but sometime you just can’t let people walk with certain behavior, and the only immediate recourse you have left is to defend yourself. To say “No matter what happens, you don’t go in the stands” is B— S—!

Just to see how he would react, I may go to New York, wait for David Stern to leave his posh NBA offices, then as he gets into his limo throw beer in his face, call his mother a white ho, tell him I’m going to screw his wife who is also a ho, then throw the beer can at him…wonder what he would do?

Players put up with this every night. The same goes for the other “experts” sitting high on their white media horses with their white attitudes about how everyone, especially black athletes, should react to a situation they themselves have never been involved with.

Hey, Maurice Clarett?… glad to see you getting some back up on the football doings at Ohio State. This makes it harder for the media and OSU to blow you off as a “publicity seeker” trying to hurt the university that only had your best interest at heart…please. I hope more and more players expose the sham going on at far too many schools.