Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: November 15, 2004

Ron Artest

LEXINGTON, KY—Ron Artest is using the NBA to promote his upcoming CD and I say why not? He’s using the machine that uses him and don’t think the Pacers and the NBA aren’t cashing in on all the world-wide publicity. Calm down. At this time of year I’ll call this an annoyance. If it was late in the season six months from now I’d be upset and call it a distraction and be all over Artest. It’s about winning and winning for the Pacers should mean the NBA Eastern Conference Finals as a minimum…When that time comes, Artest will be there with CD cash in his pocket and playing his heart out for a ring. Ask his teammates and the media what they think of him then.

What was Cleveland Brown Defensive End Gerard Warren thinking? Of course you want to take the opposing team’s quarterback’s head off. Defensive Ends have been doing that since football began…But you don’t tell the media that’s what you’re going to do… Somebody take the stupid sign off that boy’s head.

Speaking of thinking, Evander Holyfield will soon lose his ability to do so. This “warrior” act he continues to play is long past old and there is nothing admirable about a man who embarrasses himself, not to mention risking his mental future in the quest for lost glory. It has to be obvious even to him that a couple of more butt whippings and his brains will go from mush to soup.

This DC baseball thing has taken on a life of its own and is getting out of control. Professional sports and politics have never mixed…the team is already off to a bad public relations start that will be a major distraction to its inaugural season. .

Byron Scott may be the first coach fired if the New Orleans Hornets don’t win their first game soon. No one wants to hear about Baron Davis being hurt or Rodney Rogers being out or Jamal Mashburn missing the whole season. High expectations still have to be met and you can’t meet them when P.J Brown and Darryl Armstrong are your main and only men.

I wouldn’t mind if Venus and Serena retire so they can make movies, become fashion designers or whatever else they keep dibbling and dabbling into. Both are losing matches to inspired but inferior players, which tells me the sisters no longer train like they once did. They still love playing professional tennis but it is obvious they love being celebrities more.

This will be the year that a HBCU as a 16 or 15 seed beats a 1 or 2 seed in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament… write that down and call me a genius in March.

Bruce H. Edwards

© 2004