Crunch Time

By Bruce Edwards
Updated: November 8, 2004

LEXINGTON, KY.— After a week in BoSox Detox, I’m ready for the 2004-05 NBA season which for half the teams in the league begins in seven months. But there is one early season meaningful game… November 26th – Miami at Detroit. More statements will be made in that game then in the White House press room explaining why boys must die.

It’s good to see the Doo on the Miami Heat bench. For you young bloods who may not know, the Doo would be assistant coach Bob McAdoo who as a player in the ‘70’s and ‘8o’s was an unstoppable 6’11” shooter.

Hey Black Box… Of course it would be nice and even appropriate if the new Washington D.C baseball team was named the Grays or the name of another Negro League team or a name that represents the long and proud history of D.C’s African American community but it’s not going to happen. The bigger issue for the owners and D.C’s black community is how many black people will be in front office positions other than the traditional community affairs jobs? How many black vendors will the team contract with for concession, merchandising, and custodial services? How many African Americans will be involved with the team’s minor league system? What kind of community partner will they be in support of projects affecting the black community? A name is a name no matter how meaningful…what will they do? That’s what I want to know.

Notre Dame football coach Tyrone Willingham and University of Kentucky basketball coach Tubby Smith are scrutinized and second guessed more than any two college coaches in the country. Saying it’s because of the enormity of their programs is flat out bull… Everyone knows it’s because they both were born in North Carolina.

Back in the early 1900’s when black men were lynched on the regular; Jack Johnson was Heavyweight Champion of the World and broke every societal rule in place for black men including sleeping with and marrying white women. In the book Unforgivable Blackness and the soon to be released PBS documentary of the same name, we see how Johnson was the most feared man in America and all that was done to neutralize him and the threat he represented… Check it out.

Does Nike make all its stupid commercials for LeBron James? Last year’s flying through the air in the black church ad was tacky and overdone at best… This year’s “Enter the Dragon” cartoon/video game ad is strictly for kids….. Oh yeah that’s right, it’s supposed to be… What was I thinking?

Bruce H. Edwards

© 2004