Back to Make Sure History Doesn’t Repeat Itself: An Interview with Shane Mosley

By Tom Dickey
Updated: November 7, 2004

Shane Mosley

MIAMI, FLA.—Former world champion Shane Mosley will try to regain his super welterweight title on November 20th against Winky Wright in a rematch from March 13th. Mosley lost his title by unanimous decision back in March, and hopes that history doesn’t repeat itself on November 20th. Mosley has been a world champion in three different weight classes, and is looking to bounce back against Wright. Mosley has undergone some changes since his last fight, most notably in the trainer department. Mosley switched from his Dad, Jack Mosley, to Joe Goossen. Mosley was kind enough to talk to me for a few minutes before a media workout in Van Nuys, California. Here is what he had to say.

QUESTION: What do you feel was the main reason for you losing to Winky Wright?

MOSLEY: Basically what happened was that I was weak, and Winky was the better man that night. I felt tired throughout the fight, and when I watched tape of that fight I didn’t even recognize myself.

QUESTION: What do you plan on doing differently for this fight?

MOSLEY: A lot of technique, a lot of strategy, as far as the movements. My defense will be a lot better, my punches will be a lot harder, my speed will be a lot faster, and I will be throwing punches at a rapid pace.

QUESTION: Who catches your eye in the 154 pound division?

MOSLEY: The only person who catches my eye is Felix Trinidad. He’s a big guy in the division, and that would be the best thing for me. Anyone other than Trinidad or Bernard Hopkins would be a step backwards for me.

QUESTION: Have you been sparring with anyone in particular in preparation for this fight?

MOSLEY: Well I’ve been working with Sharmba Mitchell a little bit, and he’s been helping me out. I’ve also been sparring with Jose Celaya.

QUESTION: Let’s say 50 years from now, someone came up to you and asked you to give them a tape from one of your fights that you would want everyone to see. Which fight would you choose?

MOSLEY: I don’t know if there would be one particular fight, because nobody has one fight that defines their career, it’s always an accumulation of fights. If I had to pick one it would probably be the first fight with Oscar. Just because that’s the fight that put me on the map worldwide. So that would be the best fight.

QUESTION: Have you done anything differently with Joe Goossen?

MOSLEY: The main thing that I have done with Joe is to just get back to the basics. We have concentrated on getting back to basics, and utilizing my speed and defense more.

QUESTION: What does this fight mean to you?

MOSLEY: Everything right now, I want to avenge the first fight. That wasn’t me out there, and I want to go out there and prove that. I want to win this, and hopefully get a crack at Trinidad.

QUESTION: If you could eliminate one thing from Boxing, whether it be inside or outside of the ring, what would it be?

MOSLEY: That’s a tough one, because Boxing is so diverse. I would like to see Boxing get more exposure for its fighters, like you see in Football and Basketball. I would like to see it get more of its young fighters out in the mainstream, and get more exposed, so there is more of a demand. What I don’t like is that some fighters get lots of exposure, and others have to work 10 times harder to get that same exposure. I would like to see Boxing represent more of its fighters. Jose Celaya is a guy, who is a great young fighter, I would like to see him get the exposure that he deserves. I just think it can be unfair, when you have Boxing focusing on a few select guys, and neglecting so many more.