ABC Offended Families With “Desperate Housewives” Spoof Before MNF game

By Gregory Moore
Updated: November 16, 2004

Mickey Mouse merges two ‘icons’ for men!

SAN ANTONIO — The opening was suggestive, carnal and definitely filled with adult situational content. It was a pornographic by thought as it could be. A woman inside a football locker alone with the star player. Scratch that. A white woman alone in a locker-room with the Black star of a football team. The image is that of NC-17 movies these days or some story line from some adult reading material. So what were Nicolette Sheridan and Terrell Owens doing just prior to the Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles? Why was Owens selected to play the guy who gets seduced? Shock value? Entertainment value? A little of both? But if a question needs to be asked then how about this one: what was ABC thinking when they decided to let that be the opening on primetime when there were children still up? If Janet Jackson’s boob was offensive during last year’s Superbowl, then what is this? Pornography? Where are the teletube police now?

Sure the sports talk shows were rapping about it on Tuesday morning but that fodder has died by now. For them it’s just the hottest topic to talk about. ABC has a hit with Desperate Housewives. Their main viewership is the male species between 18-45. That’s a prime demographic for sports viewing. It is also a viewership that will watch anything that has a woman dressed as scantily as the current censors will allow. Now there is nothing wrong with that type of viewership but when that type of project is being aired at 8 p.m. versus two hours later (it was 6:00 p.m. in California), a line has to be drawn somewhere. Call it the line of decency, morality or just plain common sense but the line should have been drawn and the blame for parents having to explain what their seven-year-old just saw is going to be placed on the mouse with the big ears!

You would have to be naive to think that sex isn’t a part of the selling picture for sports; especially professional sports. A scantly clad cheerleader has always been a big draw. The fact that the NFL, who has a policy of not having current players endorse alcohol, allows Coors to use sex, beer, former NFL stars and current broadcasters under contract at their network to sell the product. Hypocrisy rules in the offices of the NFL and the lack of moral clarity evidently have found a home at Disney.

What ABC allowed to be aired is almost blasphemous by a network that is ‘family-oriented’. What’s next? Snow White and Cinderella kissing on Sunday night?

Gregory Moore is the Managing Editor of the San Antonio Informer, a weekly African American newspaper located in San Antonio, Texas. He can be reached via e-mail at