The Truth is in the ‘Pudding’… Despite What Ricky Says Now

By Gregory Moore
Updated: October 11, 2004

Ricky Williams

SAN ANTONIO, TX – So Ricky Williams wants to return to the Miami Dolphins. How quaint. I, for one, don’t buy into his words or his sincerity and if I were a Dolphin fan living in Miami-Dade or any place else, I wouldn’t trust him either. Ricky was a hurricane that the Miami franchise didn’t need and the people of South Florida who are fans didn’t welcome. Now, after that city’s community has gone through four hurricanes and watched a beloved franchise go 0-4 for the season so far, he thinks he’s ready to return to a game he says he loves. Yeah right and I just won the vice-presidential debate and another one is scheduled. The only way for Williams to convince anyone is to show that he is committed to a cause. So what cause is he committed too now and how can a fan base as large as the Dolphins even trust him anymore?


For Williams to now want to come back to the Dolphins near the middle of the season just amazes me. It amazes me because with no fore thought whatsoever, he abandoned a team that was counting on him for selfish reasons. Now maybe the fact that he would have to pay back almost $9 million in bonuses to the Dolphins is a big incentive but what Williams should have realized was that by being a selfish individual, he allowed his teammates to be put in a precarious predicament. For Williams to even suggest that he’s ready to be a ‘team player’ is ludicrous. Nobody, who is in their right mind, would ditch out on a team the way that Williams did and now for him to think by returning to the ‘scene of the crime’ makes everything alright shows why this guy shouldn’t be trusted; at least not by the Dolphins.

Selfish acts seem to be at the heart of many incidents lately in pro sports. Putting Williams’ situation aside, just look at the acts of Jamal Lewis and Sammy Sosa. Lewis has just recently had his felony drug case settled in Atlanta. Because of something he did four years ago, his team will now suffer a two game suspension with his absence. While that may seem ‘minor’ to some, the fact that the Baltimore Ravens are once again dealing with a player who has done something wrong in the eyes of the law is disheartening. Ray Lewis knows all about that distraction and I’m sure he is consoling the younger Lewis on what needs to be done to get through this. Ironically it would seem that if these two had thought about their actions PRIOR to what had happened, neither player would have been in the public eye for a criminal case. But that is definitely a topic for another story.

In keeping with just the sports world what Sosa did is almost as bad as what Williams has done; walking out on his team. Sosa decided on the last day of the season to not even be in the clubhouse of the last Chicago Cubs game and he figured that if he just ‘snuck’ out nobody would have noticed. He arrived late for the game and left fifteen minutes after the game started. What was he or his agent think was going to happen? A slap on the wrist? $87,000 is a small price to pay in the sports world. I’ll say it once again. It is time for professional athletes to maybe start finding out what the real world does in situations like this. If Sosa was a factory worker working for General Motors and pulled that mess during a crucial production period, he would have been fired and there would be nothing his union representative could do about it.

And that is what brings me back around to Williams and his ‘reality’. Evidently this joker doesn’t realize just how serious his little defiance was. Nobody in his camp, not his mamma, his sister or his paid representatives can tell the Dolphins or anyone else that he was just having a temper tantrum. People don’t want to hear that about a 27-year-old who is supposed to be a ‘grown ass man’. Williams knew what was going to happen to him this season as far as the failed drug tests were concerned and he should have just taken his punishment properly. Instead he decides to bail on the team in July and there’s Dave Wandstat and the rest of the team wondering what they are going to do. That’s as selfish as one could get in the sports world and it’s obvious that the action were malicious in nature.


Remember what Tampa Bay did to Keyshawn Johnson last year/ remember how they deactivated him for the rest of the season and ceremoniously banned him from the facilities and the team? Maybe that’s something that the Dolphins management should do to Williams next year. Forget a trade because he isn’t worth it. Forget about working it out because he doesn’t deserve the gesture. Let his pot smoking self spend the season not with the team and minus four checks. In other words my solution for the Dolphins is quite simple: forget about getting the $8 million because he definitely doesn’t have it. Just pay him his salary for one more year, deduct the four paychecks for the suspension that will come and then flat out cut him the first opportunity you can. I’d also petition the league to implement a payment plan where a portion of Williams’ next salary goes to the Dolphins as repayment. Heck tap into his pension plan when he really does retire if you have to. The man needs to pay back something to this team.

The harsh reality of this situation is that Williams ha no business being in the NFL and it really would be nice if the league and the union finally realized that sometimes certain individuals have no business representing this sport. Does that sound callus? Sure it does but it is supposed to. Who has ever said that reality was supposed to be nice and sweet? PM Dawn had a song called “Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine” and a portion of the lyrics went like this: “I used to be friends with reality. She used to be a pal real close to me. But she tried to hide from me what was in store. Tried to house me but a house has doors. I was insane and the picture was crazy. So the relevance here seems to be a bit hazy. But I tried to explain this in the simplest terms. But she let the cross burn and it was my turn to say, “the roses are red, and violets are blue, and things are gonna stay that way, too”. And I was the nut to believe all of this I figured life would just hand me bliss. Now I have to worry about certain doom. Or will I be here tomorrow afternoon. Now ask me about the future.” An appropriate song I would think for an embattled football player who has no idea what is in store for him on the ‘outside’ of the gated fence.

So maybe it is time for the Dolphins, their fans and their sponsors to say, “Bye, bye Ricky. God’s speed.” It’s time for someone in the No Fun League to halt the madness that is consuming its very essence. The move may cost Wandstat his job and it may mean that the team would be salary cap strapped for a little while but one thing is for certain: if they cut Ricky loose like a dogfish on a fishing line, their football lives will be better off in the future. And they need do this despite what Williams or his people are saying at the present time.