Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: October 4, 2004

LEXINGTON, KY—Hey Tyrone Willingham… get the chip off your shoulder and lose the attitude. No one owes you anything because you coach at Notre Dame and you’ve won three games. Respect comes from longevity in winning not because you coach at Notre Dame. I’m glad your 3-1 record has your squad on the verge of re-entry into the college football elite… winning will make that a certainty not your whining about respect.

Say you take your average big time college football team and give 85 full rides (NCAA maxium) at 25,000 per year… that’s 2.1 million a year. Powerhouse programs like Tennessee, Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Florida State just to name a few, make more than 2.1 million a year in ticket sales alone, never mind merchandise, concessions, programs, media rights, parking, on and on and on. Call me the Master of over-simplification, but I don’t think the argument holds that in exchange for making the school all this money players are fairly rewarded by having the opportunity to get an education…that’s like the Indians giving up Manhattan Island for twenty-four dollars just so they could be friends with the settlers.

How bad is it when your star pitcher says he can’t win a game for you against the team you must beat in your division. Pedro Martinez admission that the Yankees are his daddy gave America an inside look at the mind of a loser in a city of losers.

Stood shoulder to shoulder… make that shoulder to elbow with New York Knicks Center Nazr Mohammed. If the Knicks think Nazr is a legitimate NBA Center than things are worse than I thought. If you really want to compete at the upper level of the NBA you have to match up. Nazr is not big enough to match up at the center position, still the key position in basketball.

One of the positive side effects of having black head coaches in the NFL is the increased number of black assistant coaches in the NFL. Nothing wrong in hooking up one of your boys who are qualified ….white head coaches do it all the time even when the assistant isn’t so qualified.

It is totally messed up that a fighter like Roy Jones, Jr. is probably on his way out while a fighter like Riddick Bowe is trying to get back in. Meanwhile, James “Lights Out” Toney got his own lights knocked out at some point in his lifetime…this brother worries me.

Bruce H. Edwards