Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: October 18, 2004

Jayson Williams

Hey Tim Duncan…. You’ve got a couple of rings, MVP awards, All-this and All-that every year, mo-millions of dollars, etc., etc., etc. So now that you’re in your eighth year, it’s time for you to show us an unknown part of your game…physical toughness for 48 minutes every game… And looking at the rest of the front line players for the Spurs it might have to be 48 minutes.

Is anybody really surprised that Phil Jackson has written a “Tell Mostly All” book about the Lakers 2003-04 season? I say mostly because I’m sure there is no mention of Jackson’s’ own failure as a coach to get his star players to play together in spite of their personal pettiness…something the experts say is his claim to fame.

Jamal Lewis, O.J Simpson, Allen Iverson, Jayson Williams and every other Black Sports star who runs afoul of the law in the past, now, or in the future, are part of a select group of Americans… there’re called “Very Rich People.” Very rich people hire very expensive lawyers. In the U.S of A, very rich people don’t go to jail they just say I’m sorry.

Remember the name Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo… You’ll win a trivia contest one day when asked the real name of O.J Mayo. The 6’5” ninth grader at Cincinnati’s North College Hill High School is said to be the next Kobe, K.G, Tracey, Lebron, and whoever else comes out of high school next year.

Speaking of Cincinnati, too bad the Reds and Barry Larkin couldn’t end their 19 year relationship on a more positive note. Both are at fault. The team for not putting him in the lineup the last game of the season knowing he will not return, and Barry for not making his intentions known earlier in the season. Let me say this about his brilliant one-team career… Whenever a hometown boy plays at a Hall of Fame level on his hometown team in front of great hometown fans for 19 years…that’s all right.

I know MIT and Harvard are up there but would somebody tell those people you need to win four games not one to get to the World Series. Another sign of a loser…celebrating like you did something just because you didn’t get swept.

I’m old school and still can’t program my dvd/vcr without calling my daughter and I don’t know how to use most of the options on my cell phone. I guess that’s why I absolutely hate the NFL TV replays that look like video games.